Plex Tablo app is not finding my Tablo

I installed Plex Media Server on my home laptop. I am able to see all the local content locally and remotely using various devices. (Android app, Amazon Fire stick, Samsung Streaming Blu-Ray player)
I installed a new Tablo at home a couple of weeks ago and all is well at home. My problem is when I installed the Tablo app as a channel in Plex it cannot “see” my Tablo when I am away from home. I can “see” the Tablo away from home using a Windows 10 PC and also from my Android apps. I tried this using the Samsung Streaming Blu-Ray player and also from a Amazon Fire stick, I have updated both the Plex and Tablo newest versions, Any Ideas?

Are you taking your laptop with you on the road? (The one with Plex installed?). If so, that’s probably the issue. For the Tablo app to work, the Tablo needs to be on the same local network as your Plex server. I have no problems away from home (doesn’t really like live TV, but recorded things play fine) – but my PMS PC runs 24/7 on my local network, and never leaves the house.

No the laptop that runs PLEX never leaves the house. I am attempting the connect on a TV that uses 2 different streaming devices, that cannot connect to the tablo. Plex runs everything else just fine from the remote location. It’s just that I can’t connect to the Tablo. I can, as I said, connect to the Tablo from a different PC from the remote location as well as from phone and tablet apps.