Plex Playback Issues (Tablo Ripper & NoteBurner)

Maybe you guys can help me. I am having playback issues with shows I have converted using Tablo Ripper and NoteBurner on my new Windows machine (Plex Server). I am getting a message about my server being to slow to stream blah blah blah. I converted some of my movies with NoteBurner on an old Mac mini and these shows playback perfectly (for obvious reasons I cannot do this with Tablo Ripper). So same movies, same program, same settings, Mac version plays, window version does not. The Windows versions will play fine if I change the playback settings in Plex to force transcoding. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled both programs, no change in playback issues. Plex does not like the Windows version of the movies/tv shows. Any ideas about what could be “corrupting” these files?

By default, TabloRipper copies your recordings using the same recording quality you selected in your Tablo Setting. And that’s causing your Plex server to stutter when transcoding for playback. Thus the “server too slow” message.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • change your Plex client settings to playback using the “original quality”, if your network supports it

  • reduce your Tablo recording quality, I find that the 5 Mbps setting works well with my Plex server

  • modify the FFMPEG options used by TabloRipper so it transcodes to a quality suitable for your playback device

  • replace your Plex server with something beefier

  • search the Plex forums for more ideas, this is a common issue for many Plex users

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