Plex not being updated with the new shows

Is anybody else having trouble with the Plex not being updated with the new shows that are recorded? They show up on the tablo app on my iPad but not the computer “MacBook Pro” or the Apple TV using trailers app for Plex.

many people are. still no acknowledgement that i’ve seen from @TabloSupport or @TabloTV

Well that sucks. My wife is starting to get really irritated that the new shows are not on the plex and we have to airplay it. you know what they say about happy wife and your life!

i assume you’re using a device that doesnt have a Tablo app? for me, its the xbox360. not a huge deal since we have Rokus on other TVs. just curious if there’s any movement on it.

Yes were using an Apple TV with a hacked trailers app to act as Plex Connect. I am just waiting for the AppleTV tablo app and I will be right down to the Apple store buying 2 new Apple TVs. Tablo app on the plex and the hacked Apple TV has worked really well for us for the past year.

How are you acquiring tablo content to PLEX?

Another vote for restoring the Tablo app for Plex. Only Live TV is working currently.

I guess i’m confused on this question. all of my tablo content comes from OTA. is there any other way to acquire content with Tablo?

PLEX is an app that uses content from various sources. If you are watching content that originated on your tablo, it came to the tablo OTA. To view this content on PLEX it must be through the TABLO Channel in PLEX or ripped from your tablo by some other 3rd party app(s).

When you are saying PLEX is not being updated with the new shows, those shows I would presume came from your tablo and put into your PLEX server, or from your tablo and viewed from the TABLO Channel in PLEX.

So, all I was asking is how PLEX acquired your tablo’s content.


gotcha. i dont move any Tablo OTA recorded stuff into my Plex server directories, so I may have jumped the gun and assumed that OP was referring to issues with Plex channel.

Thanks for the clarification Rodger. and sorry for any confusion on my part!

Yes, I’m using the tablo channel in plex, but as someone else put it. It seems to be frozen in time and not adding any newly recorded shows. And it looks like it has happened after the last tablo update.

I could be wrong, but Tablo doesn’t officially support Plex, its created by a third party

*This app is developed by third-parties and is not officially supported by Tablo. For support for this app, please contact the individual app developers directly.


The Tablo Channel is indeed unsupported by either PLEX or the author. It does not work at all for me and for many other is it very flaky. Sorry can’t help.


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you’re spot on - it is a third party app. however, the fact that Tablo does post it on their site gives me hope that they’d at least chime in with any info they have on the issue.

looking back through the Plex channel announcement thread, it appears that @pix64 and @Davidvr are the developers. maybe they can provide some info for us?

Last post I saw from @Davidvr, about 30 days ago, said he was trying to get back to the project and it’s open source as well so anyone can update it. Unless its an official app, I wouldn’t think Tablo would chime in, especially considering the disclaimer that put on their site.

I was thinking about setting up Plex while I wait for an Apple TV app. I’m just going to wait for the app

The way I get shows into Plex is by using Tablo Ripper (automated as a service). It takes recordings off the Tablo every night. Another service I have (folder monitor) sees the new shows from Tablo Ripper in this temp directory and moves them to the Plex server for later viewing using the Roku’s Plex client.

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I second using Tablo Ripper to pull your recordings off of Tablo and drop them into one of your Plex libraries. If you use MCEBuddy as an intermediate step, you can also convert formats and/or strip commercials. Also, this method allows you to sync your recordings to other devices for offline viewing - so you can basically sync to a tablet through Plex and watch later when you do not have access to the Internet.


Is Metadata incorporated with the ripping? (Show, season, episode)

TabloRipper has an option to include metadata in your recording, which is fine if you’re sending it straight to Plex. But the metadata seems to confuse MCEBuddy, so don’t enable that option if you’re converting formats and/or stripping commercials.

I did a search for the tablo ripper due to the fact that it doesn’t look like there’s going to be anybody able to look at the tablo Plex channel looks like it’s a Windows only option which doesn’t help me at all. Looks like I’m back to airplay until the tablo app for the Apple TV is created, being it’s not even on the road map yet I’m not holding my breath.