Plex LiveTV & DVR use?

I’m attempting to determine in advance whether Plex will work semi-flawlessly with the Tablo Quad prior to purchasing one.
I have a lifetime Plex pass subscription which is great with the Silicon Dust HDHomeRun device but hopeful the Quad which has more tuners will do the same.

The Tablo Quad is not supported by the Plex DVR.

The Tablo DVR code is not open source so I doubt Plex will ever be able to access the timers on the Tablo.

As well, I doubt Plex would ever entertain supporting the Tablo DVR as it’s a competing product.

No. Tablo isn’t made to be a Plex DVR tuner. However there are many 3rd party extraction tools designed to pull Tablo recording off the Tablo that designed naming convention wise for Plex.

Tablo is an alternative to Plex DVR.

I’ve researched this topic a lot. I believe what you want could be done but it’s not a simple task. Someone would need to create a program that would run 24x7 in the background as a intermediary or Plex would have to add support for the Tablo. I doubt Plex will add Tablo support ever.

I watch most of my recordings using the Tablo. I honestly like the Tablo better then Plex when it comes to OTA. That’s probably just because I’m more accustomed to Tablos interface. For shows that I want to save I use third party programs to import them into Plex.