Plex, Emby and Tablo

I’m seeing more and more people moving away from Plex to Emby. Any Tablo users here using Emby? Would be interested in any comments regarding Emby with Tablo.

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These are both excellent. One thing I like about Emby is that it’s open source. Being a Linux aficionado, this is something that appeals to me. An added bonus to this, is the granular level to which you can customize, modify (and tinker). I also like that Emby offers the ability to watch Live TV without forcing an upgrade to Premium. For people less picky than myself, this is a nice option. If you’re using Kodi as a front end, Emby’s integration is excellent.

Plex is more polished and I love their “unsupported” App store / extensions. I also think the Plexpass is reasonable (some complain about this), but I feel it’s a fair price for a fair reward. You’re right, there are a lot of people moving from Plex to Emby. I’m not technically astute enough to know why, but I have noticed it.

My entire hands-on experience here is limited to my HD Homerun, and the fact I was forced into the Plex / Emby world as a way to make it work. In other words, I didn’t go looking for a solution like this, it was a means to an end … to make my Homerun work.


Plex ‘sunsetted’ a few features recently that didn’t go over with some folks. The biggest one being Plug-in’s (formerly channels).

That plus the continued roll out of the new “Content Centric vs. Server Centric” user interface seems to be causing continued stir in Plex land. The rollout of the new Roku client caused an uproar because it was a complete rewrite. Included the new UI, removed plug-ins and some features have not been implemented yet. Was pushed out without notice of the jarring change to folks right before Christmas. Not great timing.

That’s why I was amazed the last time Tablo did a big feature add. All the clients were updated silently so they’d make it through their respective App Stores and the feature was enabled with a new firmware release of the Tablo hardware. Made it like magic.

Don’t have any experience with Emby since the Plex/Tablo combo works well for me. I’ve looked over the fence though. Seems like good things and bad things over there.


Yes, I’ve noticed some good reviews on YouTube for Emby. Seems as if Emby may be more user customizable in some aspects. As a Kodi user, it interests me how well it integrates into Kodi. Apart from my LG TV, my T95Z Plus Kodi box (S912 Amlogic) gives me the best picture quality from the Tablo.

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