Plex DVR Beta on NAS using Homerun connect

here is the video i made about the Plex DVR Beta on Asustor NAS using Homerun connect Tuner. Garbage?

Garbage= NO.

Early Beta= DEFINITELY. They are getting a lot of push for gaining key functionality such as Live TV, multiple tuner support, timeshifting support.

They may/ may not succeed- but I am hoping for success. (more competition= more choices for us)


True but wish Plex DVR opens up to better tuners

I am happy with my Tablo but I play for plex pass too. If this came out first I would probably have tried it. Though, I love how Tablo makes the preview images for fast forwarding past commercials.

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Plex does this, they’re called preview thumbnails, enabled on a per library basis.


Here is the Tablo app on Apple TV

Thanks. I have been using Plex for years and I guess I missed it.

Keep in mind that if you enable it on an existing library, there will be heavy CPU usage as it creates the thumbnails for existing content. Additionally, the app data for your plex install will grow considerably.

The space usage is my only worry. My media server has CPU to spare. I need to get another internal drive.

Yeah I actually am looking to enable them on my setup soon, but will likely buy a dedicated internal drive to move my plex server install to. Just debating between a 128 and 256 SSD.

SSD would be nice. I am too cheap for one of those. So far my old desktop can transcode anything I need on the fly though, I try to rip everything so it doesn’t need to transcode.

I just ordered a 4TB drive. That should be plenty of space. I also turned on thumbnails.

I have been thinking about this HDHomerun stuff a lot.

Tablo is a far superior DVR.

If I really want to use plex to watch my shows I can set up a service to copy over the files using Tablo Ripper. Now I have to figure out how to remove commercials all together.

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Nice! I actually just ordered a 256GB Dell M.2 SSD myself (just got a promo email as I was shopping for a new SSD). Going to move my OS to that and give Plex my current SSD.

Sounds good. SSD’s are really coming down in price but I only needed a place to store my media. At some point I will get one for my laptop and speed it up a lot.

Check out MCEBuddy. It’s not free, but in combination with TabloRipper, you can rip, remove commercials, and save to Plex - automatically.

Thank you. That is what I am testing now with the free version. If it works I will gladly pay for it.

It works “pretty well”, and there are a bunch of people using it (maybe they can weigh in?). But the freebie version is SO SLOW, not that the paid version is exactly “fast”. That said, I haven’t found anything better. Oh, and I bought the paid version of Comskip too (replacing the freebie version bundled with MCEBuddy). That helps speed things up a bit too. It all depends on how serious you are about ripping & commercial removal.

Is there a mac version?

MCEbuddy is PC only, but there might be an alternative for your Mac?

Thank you. I am running it on a flash episode. You are right. It is pretty slow. If it works I will pay for it for sure.