Plex channel please :)

And not the half baked kind you see just thin wrapping some content provider’s website. Full-featured HTML5 interface with the remote viewing feature intact, and good support for remote control / keyboard navigation. I don’t want to context switch  between two different apps to consume content.

Bonus points for a seamless way to have recordings automatically show up in Plex’s TV Shows library and notify that new shows are available, plus support for watched/unwatched flags.

This would be a huge win for both Tablo and Plex, as each fulfills something sorely lacking in the other. XBMC would be nice too but it already has a live TV, EPG and PVR feature set.

+1. Happy to help write it!! PM me or email me tablotv… We should talk about it. @mreid910

I have a server in my house dedicated to just running plex.  Intigrating the two would be a dream indeed,

@PiX64 - If you really are interested in some outsourced work, send over a resume ( We’re always looking for good people. Not sure how the team would feel about you being so far away though. 

And Plex and XBMC are both on the radar. We have at least one person on staff who’s super into XBMC so he’s pulling for it! 

I know that Plex semi-recently switched to WebKit under the hood for channel rendering and playing HLS video. That should play well with your strategy to develop first for Chrome. As for the rest of the nuts and bolts involved with creating a channel and whether you have to skin a brand new ui and hook a different channel API, I’ll plead ignorance, but I’m very much looking forward to some integration.

Plex needs Live TV and a legal, legitimate means of getting TV shows into the library badly. Maybe your two groups could even get together and offer some sort of hardware/software/subscription package deal in the future. Plex media server might not be too tough to get running on the Tablo hardware…

I can dream can’t I? :slight_smile:

@Keith sounds like a glorious dream

Ha! I tweeted to the @TabloTV team about adding Plex support to the Tablo! While I think XBMC is a great product, anybody who is using Plex will tell you that it is becoming the home media distribution product. It is an extremely polished product with clients on iOS and Android devices, Chromecast, Roku, LG and other TV’s, Blu-ray players, etc. The feature set of this product is amazing! 

Now… that said. The more I thought about baking a Plex client into Tablo the more I realized it was overkill. Since Plex as a client is available on so many platforms I don’t believe adding it to Tablo adds value. As an example, Plex and Tablo make a dynamite pair on my iPad and on my Roku. 

On the other hand, having Plex be able to access Tablo files would be outstanding! Currently I have SageTV creating files with the season/episode marker (SxxExx) on them. Then I have Plex pointing to the SageTV recodings folder which makes those SageTV files available to Plex. Then I can use the Plex synch capability to synch those shows down to one of my tablets. 

@tomanak are you using the Plex scanner and agent? or are you using the Custom Scanner and BMTAgent?  JW…

Agreed, Plex is a constant in my house…  Would be great!

yes, a Plex channel would be great.


This is a must have…

What about Emby / Media Browser? That’s what I use now.

My understanding is that current Tablo hw is way to underpowered to be a Plex client.

There are several tools posted in these forums for extraction of shows from the Tablo.  Surlatablo in particular was designed with Plex Media Server in mind (I know the author intimately).