Plex Channel for dummies question

Guys, sorry but can someone tell me why everyone is so excited about Tablo being on the Plex Channel.  I truly have no idea why this is such great news?  I am a new ROKU user and I use the Tablo channel.  Why do I need the plex channel and why is this such awesome news?  Sorry, if that is a really dumb questions.  :slight_smile:

@wkufan92 because then you can watch tablo on the plex app instead of a browser on phones I would assume would be the answer. Some people have had issues running via the browser on phones, including me :wink:

The plex app allows devices like the Amazon FireTV have access to TabloTV

Ok, I have an Ipad, Iphone and ROKU.  I know I can use the Tablo app on my ipad.  Would Plex work on my iphone?  Again, just trying to see if I ever have a need for Plex.  I have never used Plex for anything.  If I am missing out, let me know.  LOL

@wkufan92 It works great on the iPhone especially when you are out of the house because plex does the transcoding (making the video small enough to travel over the internet) instead of using one of the Tablo’s Tuners to do it, That is the main way that I use the Plex Plugin myself but my wife prefers it on her iPad as well because it doesn’t need to sync at launch. 

Ok, I will download the plex app.  Once I do that, how do I find the Tablo?  Sorry, I have never used the plex app before?  Are there any other feautures of plex I need to check out? 

So once plex is installed on your pc head over to and follow the instructions to install the tablo plugin. Plex is great at giving a netflix type view of any video you may have on your computer (Maybe DVD’s you archived using handbrake? ) .

I just wanted to provide a little more information for the folks that aren’t super technical. Plex has two part which you’re responsible for installing to make this work like everyone is describing. There’s 1) a server side, which you need to install on a computer that will be on while you’re watching tv, and 2) client side, such as a roku or smart tv with the app installed

Since the tablo app is still in beta, the channel can’t be installed for the channel store. You have to install it manually into the plugin folder of the server (the guys have done a great job outlining this in the original post.