Please stop bringing back dead threads

There has been a rash of ancient threads being bumped on this forum this week. I don’t know why, but it needs to stop. If a thread is over 3 months old, it does not need to be resurrected. Most of the ones this week have been well over a year old.

Just start a new thread, please. Thank you.


Maybe a new user would be interested in the discussion contained in an older thread.

If you see an thread that is older and that irritates you just don’t read it.

When you are looking through the forum for information instead of having a discussion, would you rather view one long topic or dig through a lot of topics. As a newbe I can tell you that this search engine is not the easiest way to get answers. I think you should start a new topic if your information does not pertain to the previous discussion. I like being able to follow the thread of what has been dicussed before.

It is fine for new users to look at old threads, just don’t bump them. It can cause a lot of confusion thinking some issue that was solved long ago has suddenly returned. It’s also common message board courtesy.

Confused thinking - if the user is that easily confused maybe tablo isn’t the product for them.

Courtesy - I didn’t know the forum had a Miss Manners.

Your three month rule. If you look at the firmware release dates over the last three years it’s around every six months. So where did you pull the three months rule from?

This is a technology forum, with issues and posts popping up daily. Three months is a long time.

Of course this isn’t a problem adding to a thread that has been along for months, even years, as long as there are new posts every week or so. But if no one has posted to a thread for a year, just leave it alone and read for archival purposes.

This hasn’t been a problem in a while till this particular week. I have put the request out there, and hopefully you all will respect it. If not, I will go back and change the thread titles again.

So, let me see… What is the oldest/deadest topic i can dig up. :japanese_goblin: MWAAHAHAAHAAAHAAA

Just thought I’d tease you, snowcat. :ghost:

It’s either the future feature list or which disks work and/or don’t work.

At one time both of these were suppose to be pinned at the front of the forum. I guess they exceeded the 3 month rule.

what are the odds someone brings back this meta-topic after it has been dead for >3 months!?

[when i see an old/stale posting with glaringly incorrect info such as I did a minute ago, i cannot resist but to correct it with a followup.]

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