Please send to Gracenote


@TabloTV please send to Gracenote

That must be how the great team at got the data.

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Has DigiTV or your local station send the guide to gracenotes.

Have no idea. That is why Titantv is top notch and Gracenote is bottom notch.

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It’s had for titantv to be top notch since it only provides a guide in a commercial market and even then it’s not 100% correct in my DMA.

And assuming that gracenotes can just grab some schedule from the channels WEB site is seriously flawed.

And here is why: Let’s use Comet, Charge, and Bounce networks. I live in PDT timezone. These 3 channels are off 3 hours from the schedule posted on their WEB site. So if Comet says X-files should be on at 10PM ET and 10PM PT there is no time delay between ET and PT. The local broadcasters are broadcastering X-files in real time. Thus the X-files is broadcast 7PM PT(not 10PM PT) - regardless of what their WEB site indicates.

While gracenotes guide got fixed for comet and charge, the bounce guide still seems to be stuck in the 3 hour window for the last 6-7 months.

IMHO, somebody forgot to inform Gracenote that with all the repacking/shuffling there would be “work involved”.

Not really. This problem was not limited to my DMA but I also saw it in northern DMA stations. It just took a while trying to explain to tablo support that this only applied to limited specific channels but comet and charge got fixed.

But later when a new channel (bounce) came along it also was suffering from the 3 hour symptom. So I opened a ticket but it seemed impossible to explain this so after a few crazy suggestions I just told them to close out the ticket. I was hoping some other user would open a new ticket. Guess not.

But I might go through this again since ThisTV has popped up on the same station that carries Comet and Charge. I guess I need to go to the ThisTV WEB site to check their schedule versus what’s actually playing

Feel free to re-open the ticket & reference this post.

A few screenshots could help as well to show that it’s a guide-based problem and not an issue with NTP or time zones on your device.

Gee someone most have fixed this 3-4 weeks ago. I had stopped checking or using manual scheduling since it seemed to have been busted for so long. And the guide is the same on all 3 of my units. Sometimes these weird time fixes only end of one unit versus all 3.

The tablo guide and the hdhomerun guide now appear to be correct or at least for what was playing at 1:30PM PDT. And these guides don’t match the BounceTV WEB site which has the strange 3 hour shift which would indicate what I’m watching doesn’t even start until 3:30pm PDT.

Thanks. I hope I don’t encounter some strane time warp when I actually try to schedule a recording.

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Go to TitanTV and YOU can create a. channel based off another. I’ve done this before. You just need to find one in your time zone

Some guide problems are consistently wrong in titantv regardless of DMA. And titantv doesn’t appear to handle Mexican stations at all.

Since I live in southwestern california there are a few Mexican stations that broadcast mostly U.S. produced programing. And since some of these are ex-affiliates of FoX and CW there alt-audio is properly setup. It use to be that tablo didn’t handle alt-audio but a recent update addressed this.

I only use titantv to verify if new sub-channels detected by a hdhomerun channel scan may be officially coming to life.

You, sadly, seem to have more issues with waiting for guide updates you should have a direct access by now :wink:

Over a month ago 2 stations in my area each added sub-channels one GetTV other Newsey. I waited it out even though - you got it, TitanTV already had it!! (actually one station has titan embedded in their web page for schedule, due to it’s superiority I suppose)

This past week Newsey got updated (no real big deal), so now I opened a ticket for Toledo 11 adding GetTV. I’ll likely get a canned response - rescan (as though the existing channel may disappear and eliminate the problem).
Then they’ll reply the channel isn’t on my tablo. Tell them I have 2 different tablo’s and it’s likely on the second… since it’s there some where given I sent a screenshot. So there’s another couple days until they even begin. We give them the station information, I would hope they have some access to information to which sub-channels broadcast stations have. Then confirm, or not, if Gracenote has it enter zip choose ZIP – nope it’s not there! enough said. Let’s tell them about it and not treat users as though something may be wrong with their devices or they don’t kow!
That is, if it doesn’t show up in Gracenote’s TV listings… it’s unlikely it shows up in the guide data they publish.

I’ve always had great guide update response.

It just gets hard to explain that no matter what the network WEB site schedule says the PT broadcast is actually what’s on in ET. So if it’s an 8PM ET show, it’s broadcast at 5PM PT… And this seems to also affect the hdhomerun guide. And I’ve received Tropo OTA from Santa Barbara on the hdhomerun and these channels seemed to be messed up also.

Then support starts to think that the whole unit is off by 3 hours and if I just reboot NTP will fix everything. So I still have no idea when Bounce got fixed since I stopped checking. And I loved it when the Newsy channel rolled out Oct 4th. The gracenote guide seemed correct and titantv was off by 1 hour.

DigiTV is now displaying guide data in my area within the past couple of days, so hopefully it will show up for you soon!

Channel 31 disappeared but channel 62 is now green. Same owner and stations. Maybe they increased power. DigiTV has guide data. Now my only problem is channel 14. 14.4 which used to be AntennaTV is now DEFY. 14.3 we lost Heroes and Icons. It is now AntennaTV.
I also have DEFY on a channel 17.

What’s up with all that? Broadcaster buying/swapping stations?

No surprise, a small handful of broadcast corporations own the majority of TV stations across the country. Not just the sub-channel networks anymore but programs to go along with it. Not surprising, may aren’t any better or worse than major network talk/news shows :roll_eyes:

I changed antennas so I don’t receive chanel 17 anymore but that’s okay, I can pick up some San Antonio stations instead. I was surprised to see Defy on 14.4 and H&I go away.

I would have preferred H&I. They could have made a 14.5 for Defy.