Please give us interface like Pluto TV was just released for Roku and its user interface is everything that I was hoping that the Roku Preview would be since the Roku Preview was launched last spring.

Some examples:

  1. When watching a show, if I press OK, it brings up the channel grid and moves the video to a smaller window in the upper corner.

  2. Pressing up/down changes channels.


@bitchkat - Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll pass this along to the dev team and see if there’s anything we can borrow from their interface to make ours more awesome.

JMO, but I installed the Pluto TV channel and I HATE the interface. I have some vision issues and I cannot even read the Pluto TV listings. Please don’t make Tablo like that!!!

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Some of Plutos colors suck but you have to admit that overlaying the grid while still watching live tv and being able to change channels on the fly with up/down arrows would be immensely useful.

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I concur, a guide and interface that is as streamlined as Pluto would be nice. It is so much faster, more responsive, smoother, and love that you can watch TV while surfing. Now that I know this type of setup can be done on the Roku, I want it!!!

I personally really like the interface shown here; This is what I am using for Live currently…
From LonTV

(Tablo is apparently working a tie-in to this interface for Android TV, and if more people saw this they might agree with me that this is a really nice interface…)