Please add the ability start at guide instead of menu

Please add the ability to go straight to the guide with the side menu being select-able instead of the other way around on the HDMI Quad.

In the Settings menu, there is a setting for what to display on startup.
Is this what you are looking for?


Unfortunately I do not have that option on the HDMI Quad. wish I did…

Hello. Where is this setting? I have the 4 tuner network Tablo and can’t find this setting. Sometimes it defaults to something else and would be nice to have Live TV displayed when starting up.

On the Roku, mine opens to whatever I last had up.
On the web page, go to the settings page
Under general there is a drop down for Startup section.
Pick what you want. I chose for it to open on schedule

I don’t use anything else, so someone else would have to help you there.

There is no web service on the HDMI Quad. I am rapidly finding out that this device is very limited. And i probably should not have purchased it. Tablo needs to put this front and center on the store page and not bury it way down. I would have bought something else had i seen this. TV-Connected Tablo DVRs and How They Work | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo

What do you mean it is limited? There are distinct differences betwen the HDMI connected Tablo units and the network Tablo units. Sounds like a network model may be more appropriate for you if the HDMI unit is limiting for your use case.

Limited insofar as i cannot set the default display like the non hdmi units, cannot stream to an apple tv like the non hdmi units, there are many features missing from the hdmi models that are available on the network models.

Yes, i agree with you i should have purchased the network model.