Please add Chromecast support to iOS app

Title says it all.

Please add TRUE Chromecast support to the iOS app. I have TWO Roku 2 (2015) on our main TV’s but Chromecast devices on the others. Our family has all iPhones. Every streaming app we use has native Chromecast support (Netflix, HULU, Sling, Plex, etc…)

Casting works incredibly well.

Please don’t suggest Airplay mirroring. Not the same. I like to start a cast and let Chromecast take over, not have my phone hostage until I am done watching TV.

Thank you.

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This likely won’t be added anytime soon given all the other feature requests, but what do I know.

My understanding with the Chromecast is that it has a native Netflix app which is why you can cast to it from an iPhone. It literally just has the player on the Chromecast playback the stream and hands off to the Chromecast. There is no native app for the Chromecast.

My suggestion is buy a Nexus Player, which has a native app for the Tablo that doesn’t require casting and it also has the ability to accept casting like the Chromecast. They are cheap, $50 from BB. Target has them on clearance for $25.

You will not be disappointed with the Nexus Player.

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Actually, Chromecast has a fairly simple to use SDK to allow developers to mimic exactly what Netflix does. This is not some special agreement with Chromecast and Netflix. It is true that the first app handshake (as long as you develop correctly against the SDK) will load a small chunk of code into the Chromecast device so it is no longer dependent on the handheld device for communication. But this is available to anyone who wants to implement it into their app.

Thanks - good to know. Just I know unfortunately that’s not how it is implemented for Tablo.

You can currently cast Tablo to a Chromecast from any Android device or a computer with the Chrome browser. That is pretty broad support.

I too would be very interested in knowing if and when there will be chromecast support on IOS. Seems like that’s a no-brainer. :grinning:

Yup. No brainer. Would love native chromecast support.

@Chad_Stansel, I’ll chime in and support the request for Chromecast from iOS. I also find the Chromecast to be useful device on multiple TVs around the house. It is a great combination with Tablo.

You are also correct about the hand off of the stream to the App to the Chromecast. And the Tablo solution has this capability. I am confident of this because;

  1. I asked David at Tablo support about this function and he confirmed it with engineering.
  2. My Android app occasionally has hard crashes, yet the chromecast will continue to play the recorded show from the Tablo box uninterrupted.

I would like to see this feature as well. I use Roku on our main TV and we use Tablo second only to Netflix.

But I would love to be able to use our Tablo on a few of our other TVs which are equipped with Chromecast only.

Thanks for your consideration.


Chromecast for iOS support. Please.

Same here. Would love it if you could cast directly from Tablo app in iOs.
As a workaround you can open Tablo web app in Chrome for iOs and as long as you have the app: “Video & TV Cast / Chromecast”
You can load the Tablo web app site in that app either directly or from Chrome. In chrome hit the three dots icon then choose the box with up arrow icon. It will offer a list of apps, and ability to add more. Here you can add the app: “Video & TV Cast / Chromecast” , then open it.

Once you navigate to a Tablo video stream in that app you can cast to a Chromecast from yout iPhone

Yup, same here. Chromecast was one of the major reasons why I purchased my Tablo in the first place. However after trying it I was not very pleased at all. Everything in this thread has been asked for over and over but will little traction from the Tablo team with the biggest reply being to get a better viewing device :roll_eyes:

I basically just gave up and put the Tablo into strictly DVR duty and use the SurlaTablo script to pull my content from my Tablo to my Plex media server and now I can watch my recorded content the way I really want to, which is however I dang well choose.

Does the Plex Media Server generate FF preview thumbnails? And are the thumbnails available on all devices, Roku, iPhone, Fire TV?


It does not give you the preview thumbnails in my experience but the playback and integration far out ways my need for that. Also, with Plex’s LiveTV ability with HDHomeRun units I have all but stopped using my Tablo for much of anything but a few shows for the wife.