Playstation3 and 4

Has anyone tried the web app on the PS3 or the PS4?

Or do you think that Tablo could make a app for the PS4? 

Tablo will work via DLNA if you are using Plex and the Tablo Channel plugin. We have confirmed this on PS3. Not sure about web browser.

I googled the specs of the PS4 web browser and in theory it should work

where is the Tablo Channel plugin for Plex?

In development. We are close to releasing the first beta. There is a thread with videos showing capabilities on this forum…

@chrisnet We just have to wait for the next tablo firmware update before we can start testing the plex plugin. PM me your setup (plex server, what devices you have to test it on) and when the next firmware update comes out we will be selecting a few users to beta test it before a general release. 

I tried this on the PS4 browser. I was able to pair with a 4 tuner Tablo. I can get to live tv menu, settings etc. It tried to play a live channel. The video buffers for a long time and then fails to a not enough memory error.

Ive also posted this in the tablo beta thread… 

But, Ive been having trouble getting the channels to work within the tablo plex app on the PS4. I lost functionality after about 4 months of use; before that everything was working great. 

Everything currently works fine with the tablo plex app on the Mac and Iphone, but for some reason, all the channels come up with a “problem playing” error on the ps4. 

tried doing a clean install of the plex media server, then installing a new version of the tablo app… oh and have rebooted the computer/tablo/ps4 several times trying to figure out where the problem is…

Would appreciate any help if you guys get the chance. 


@zachattack - Try posting in the Plex section of the forum. Since Plex is a third-party app we unfortunately can’t offer support for it. 

I know :-/

Posted there as well, haven’t heard any solutions yet.

Was really trying to see if this is a problem for all ps4/tablo users or if it’s just me…

Give it a couple more days… @DavidVR will be around to give you a hand if possible.