Playlist? Wadda ya think?

What are the chances of having a playlist feature added? I know it would be very nice for myself and others in my situation.

I spend a lot of time either sick in bed, or in the hospital. Reaching for my tablet all the time when I really just feel like vom…being sick would be great!

I know this isn’t seen on other dvr’s bu, hey, t you could be a trailblazer!

Do you mean you select a particular set of shows, add it to a play list, then hit play and all shows play one after another???

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Yes a playlist of recordings would be nice.

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kinda. Like a check box next to recorded items. Say I want an episode of Big Bang Theory, then an episode of CSI, a couple of Scorpion episodes, a movie, then a few mor Big Bang Theory’s. Mix and match. And also have a setting where you can have all of one show’s recordings plya one right after the other.

It’s interesting idea, but there is time added on to all shows unless it is using the same tuner right after. So you would have 5 min or more of another show to watch before you get to the next show. But, I do see where you are going with this, and not a bad idea.

Isn’t the extra time an option that you could turn off in settings? Am I understanding that setting incorrectly?

No, there is always a little extra time after shows. I think you are thinking of extend live recordings , which would add even more time on live shows.

So something to counter what I call the CBS effect? shows not starting on time?

lol, no doubt :stuck_out_tongue: