Playing Tablo on TV from iOS phone or tablet?

Hi. I have Chromecast and a Fire TV. I understand that Fire TV is not supported yet, but I thought Chromecast was. 

With iPad or Iphone, I expected I would see an option to send to Chromecast like on other apps, but an not seeing it.

Is there some other way to push the shows to the TV from these devices?

Everything seems to be working great on my devices, but my wife will not let me cut the cord if she does not have an easy way to view her favorite show on the actual television :).

Your answer is here:

Do you have any Android devices or a laptop?

@charleswalter - We unfortunately don’t support Chromecast from iOS yet. This is on our roadmap.

As @theuser86 suggested, the best option for you would be via our web app from a computer using the Chrome browser with the Chromecast extension. 

Is there a public Roadmap available?