Playing a Currently Recording Show (Roku)

I know this is a big discussion here. I wanted to give you all my wife’s dealing with this. She is the Tablo Queen of the house.

Gen4 2 Turner, 7 Roku Devices, she could possibly use. Mostly uses the Roku Ultra in the Living Room.

She has Survivor (Yeah, don’t laugh lol) set to record. She let’s it go for 30-45 mins before she starts watching it from the begining recorded. She starts it from the Library, NOT from the guide. Then she FF through the commercials. No screenshots are available here during this time. her play button reaction is on point. Rinse and Repeats until she gets to the end… the Tribal Council. Which is live. She has her formula.

I sat down and asked her what she has experienced with this formula. She said if she starts it too early, it will go into “live” with no rw/ff features.

She said the sweet spot for her is 30-45 mins in… she said it’s a crap shoot starting it below 30 mins into the 20 min range. She said 5-20 mins range you will get the “live” no rw/ff “picture” (in her words).

Seems like she has figured out some type method to this madness. It seems like it works for her.

Anyone can share their experiences? Or could test this theory a little more? I’d like to get a post that gets indexed by google about this topic. So everyone can read about it.

If you post, please provide your hardware that is being used. I dont want to mix up the Legacy Tablo with the Gen4. Also mix up, Roku, FireStick, and what not.

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When it goes to “live” no rw/ff, can you pause for a while and try rw/ff after leaving pause? I would try it but the test is more meaningful on your equipment/environment.

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Testing this last while my wife was watching amazing race.

Edit: when it hit live with no rw/ff she couldn’t pause it. Just back out of it.

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During the process in my first post… she can pause it… while watching a actively recording show.

Use the 10 sec back button to activate the rw/ffw on live tv.