Player Error - Weak Signal

I setup my 2 tuner unit a couple of weeks ago (running 2.2.8). I get the Player Error more times than not when trying to launch channels in Fire TV or iOS App. If I just hit ok to the error msg and play again, it will eventually start. It takes 2-5 times getting the error and hitting play before it will start playing. Once it is playing a channel it NEVER hiccups after that. I’ve had the OTA antenna for many years connected to a Dish Hopper and HD Homerun without any issues. I’m about 8 miles from the broadcast site for most of the channels in a major metropolitan area.

I’ve read the old posts on this, but haven’t come across a solution yet. Some have pointed to their hard drive being full, heat, etc. I don’t have those issues.

Anyone have any luck resolving this issue?

I get the error watching on my Galaxy S5 but I suspect it is the mobile network or because I’m moving. I try again and it wotkd

The FireTV and Tablo are both hardwired in my case.