Player Error - weak signal?


That’s what I’m going for. I was thinking of trying the Antop antenna for shits and giggles.

But the 300 ohm I can easily string it across the rafters in the attic. I was very surprised I got nothing when I placed the antenna outside earlier today.


Does 6abc respond to any communication? Maybe send them an email asking if they are sure their transmitter is sending the signal your way, As I said, I’ve seen a situation in which a broadcaster transmitted in several directions but not everywhere because of a problem. I had to deal with a defective transmitter in my area last year that this station wasn’t even aware of until we communicated with them. A group of us were getting a low 30% signal that should have been 80 to 100%. The station sent out an engineer to correct the transmission problem at their end. Now we get it at 90%; I knew the 30% was bogus.


I reached out once and spoke to an engineer. They said everything is fine and tried to tell me it was my antenna!

When I told him I had for low vhf, he said we are a low powered station and it can be difficult to get if you don’t have the right antenna.

There are people in the city itself that report not being able to get the station!i

I’ll try calling them on Monday and see if I get a different response.


IOkay so I was in my office at halftime doing some cleanup.

My antenna line runs from the chimney stack down into my office through the attic.

I’m under the desk grabbing a pen and I notice a distribution amp on the Tablo line. Antenna into amp, out to Tablo. I say what the hell, I unplug the Tablo. Remove the amp and hook up the antenna directly into the Tablo.

Rescan channels and 6abc is full green dots. Let the guide update and come back into the family room. Exit PlayStation Vue and tune into a beautifully presented Ohio State Penn State start if the 2nd half!

I notice a very short pixelation a few minutes ago, other than that. It’s spot on. I’ll see how long it lasts…


That distribution amp may have been overdriving the signal since TVFool sees the 6abc signal to your area as super strong.


I’m seeing some smalll pixelation incidents. I may need to adjust the antenna and that is not something I am looking forward to. I don’t like going up on the roof of my house…

The roof is steeply pitches. I’m hoping the signal stays strong. I’m watching the game and I’ll leave things as they are overnight and see what the morning brings.


VHF is more prone to errors on a signal than UHF even when the signal is strong. So you may see pixelation and artifacts independent of the antenna positioning. It still may be worthwhile to get an FM trap which will clean up the VHF side of things. My preamp has an inbuilt FM trap to protect the VHF signal.


Definitely something to consider. I was wondering if there is a way I can check the fm signal myself to see if there is something there.


If I’m not using an amp on the antenna, will the fm trap still work?


FM interference is random and sporadic so unless one has a signal meter to spot any FM interference and seeing the VHF signal distorted badly…


Yes, the FM trap by itself will work without any amp. Where FM distortion shows up is at the tuner level where it can cause overload and VHF signal interference.

I’ve noticed they’ve hihacked up the price to $20 for them on eBay since Radio Shack went out of business and AntennasDirect went out of stock several months ago. I bought mine for $3.95. You can do without one if there is no noticeable sign of bad FM interference (i.e signal being lost for a few moments, pixelation, streaking). I have an FM station two miles from me on a mountain that is super powerful.


The personnel at TV stations is not always top notch. That engineer was half right and half wrong. Yes, VHF needs only low electrical power to propagate (unlike UHF). BUT 6abc’s signal is very strong. It isn’t the signal that is low powered but the initial creation of the signal. Once the signal is created and broadcast it is quite powerful according to TVFool (which even 6abc’s own article states). So that engineer has his wires crossed and contradicting his own station’s statement :wink:


Do you think an lte fileter might help? There is a cell tower within a 1/2 mile of the house…

I wonder if that could be the problem?


The LTE filter doesn’t help with VHF but applies to the upper UHF channels. I use an LTE filter because I am inside a triangle of cell towers close to me. It has helped with the reception of several high frequency UHF channels (i.e. above channel 45 or so). It is irrelevant to VHF.

VHF is susceptible to household appliance interference. Fluorescent lights coming on, washing machine motors, etc. Every time my wife turns on the kitchen lights, I get a streak across the screen. I tell her if you’re recording something on the Tablo, don’t go into the kitchen…


Man finding one of these is a challenge. Amazon seems expensive.


Are you seeing some interference on channel 6? Otherwise it may not be worthwhile hunting one down.


Seems to be okay tonight. I mean it’s Frozen…l until shark tank. But hey, I’m getting it.


Is the antenna used to get 6abc lo VHF capable or hi VHF or both?


It’s an rca Yagi forget the model number. Should be good for vhf hi, lo and uhf.

Like I said, I had it before, then it was gone. Looking good tonight…


If the signal is OK without undo interference, the FM trap may not be worth it. I was reading somewhere that some FM traps are not accurate and their interception of FM frequencies goes over into the adjacent VHF TV frequency such as channel 6; the manufacturer warns about the diminution of channel 6 when used with their FM trap. So be careful if you get one…