Player error, Unknown Error

I have been seeing some shows refuse to playback on a web browser in Windows or IOS – whether I attempt to playback in Chrome (107), Firefox, Edge or Safari. (I use Chrome about 98% of the time.) When I try to playback a program, it will play for about 1 sec and then the “Player Error, Unknown Error” appears on the screen.

These recordings are fully playable on a Roku, however. In the stand-alone Windows app, these recordings will “stutter” around the 1 second point, but allow me to manually “jump ahead” a few seconds, and then play through without error.

My Tablo is an original 4 channel, with external 1TB hard drive, purchased in 2015. Drive has about 500 GB of free space. Problem most often occurs during recordings of late night shows (like “The Late Show”) If a selected program is going to give me trouble, most of the time it’s icon will be missing and Tablo will display ONLY the title of the show against a blue background in the program selection menu.

I’ve not been able to duplicate this problem on Android devices.

Has anyone seen this or have ideas how to fix it?

Here’s a recent topic where other users have specific Windows issues

May or may not be relative to your issue.

Exact same problem showed up recently with just a few shows. I have the same original 4 channel Tablo. I’m using MS-Edge browser on a Windows 10 laptop, The “bad” recordings seem to all be on the same base channel ( 22.1 & 22.3 ) and the icons are just blue with the title.

Oddly, a few programs from last year that I kept to watch again also recently changed to a blue title-only icon and now behave the exact same way too. They were from PBS channel 9.1 (which shares the same base channel frequency as those on 22, although that might be irrelevant).

These all play ok with the Tablo App for Windows on the same laptop, as well as the app on my Android phone. I have not seen the initial “stutter” with the stand-alone Windows App though, maybe just a lucky fluke.

Microsoft frequently updates the Edge browser, but you said it happens with Chrome, Firefox, etc too, so that may not matter.

I prefer using the web browser for playback because there is a useful extension called “Global Speed” that enables playback at higher speeds, customized skip-ahead & back times (I like < 7secs and >15 secs best), plus other useful stuff,

I just hope this problem doesn’t start to happen more often or with other channels, and hope someone can figure out what’s causing some shows to not play.

Edit: Looking at the thread in djk44883’s reply above, I stumbled upon “Tablo-Tools” and tried it out. Very useful & wish I’d known about it sooner! I found it can also PLAY recordings (not just live TV). The player it uses plays the problem recordings mentioned above also. While not a full-featured player, it does offer fast playback speeds.