Player Error: Recording file not found on disk

Likely a Roku cause leading to a web UI cache synch issue!? @matb33 @TabloSupport Please fix.

I’ve been watching shows on Roku and deleting them after… When I go back to my web UI and wait for the list of shows to update (after the grey flash) I find that entire shows I’ve watched and deleted on the Roku are still present, along with new shows recorded since the last use of the web UI… So the web UI synch seems to have done it’s thing for adds but not for “all removes”.

The Roku deleted episodes can present either the “Player Error” message (when played in the web UI) or “crossed out play icon”… This also happens for shows with Ruko deleted episodes side-by-side with unwatched episodes, but not on all shows… Alot of episodes and shows do delete by the Roku but not all… Seems to be a ratio of 1 in 20 episodes are left behind which impacts 3 in 5 shows, so far. The Roku is unaffected and thinks these episodes are gone and doesn’t seem to be missing any newer episodes of anything… So this seems the web UI is the one that can’t be trusted.

The only consistency is that the preview graphic doesn’t load in the web UI so I’m adding that as an extra step in selecting my episodes now… Extra steps are apain.

I’m sure a “delete-search-add” device resynch would do wonders but you know how I feel about that… Don’t have time for it… Shouldn’t have to do it.

But I would be willing initiate a manual refresh in “recordings”. I found myself pulling down on interface to initiate a refresh (as that is such a typical in-app motion to refresh the data) and then went looking for a button to do a refresh but couldn’t find anything. Even bounced around the menu selections to see if that would trigger another recordings refresh… No go… Just got the first refresh when I connected.

Seems to be so many potential causes for " crossed out play icons " I’m starting to lose track. "Player error " is new (as a Roku user) and frustrating.

@Thumbs i haven’t had this happen to me, but I’m going to try to re-create what you’re describing. I’ve scheduled a whole ton of shows, which I’ll delete from another device (probably my iPad), then watch what happens in the webapp.

What seems strange is that you get a “crossed out play icon”. The webapp has no idea what’s playable or not… the Tablo tells me “this recording has some errors”, so there’s still a recording there.

Do you have another computer with Chrome that you could try to do a fresh sync with your Tablo and see if these same roku-deleted recordings show up?

Ok @matb33 I loaded the web UI (Chrome) on Win8 and it initiated a full 2+ minute synch on its own… I checked the same shows and found it did cleanup the few episodes with a play icon, no preview graphic, and “player error…” message when played… but it did not clean up any of the “crossed out play icon” episodes.

This gets me thinking that the Ruko system doesn’t even list shows with “crossed out play icons” so I probably didn’t know they were there until I looked in the web UI. Yup confirmed, Roku doesn’t see the “crossed out play icon” episodes. Why this inconsistency between platforms? I don’t want to see them either. Maybe a separate section like “conflicts” would be nicer place to park these so web people don’t have see them, just like Roku people don’t?

I vaguely remember one of the forum explanations for “crossed out play icons” was a schedule conflict (which would be a conflict that has passed) so that’s very hard to confirm… and doesn’t seem right because a few of my favorite shows are in constant conflict and never show up. [start rant] Can’t wait for smart scheduling because only being able use the “live tv” guide to cleanup 24hrs of conflicts is useless… just like the “conflicts” section when you have over a half dozen conflicts. [end rant] So what are the reasons for “crossed out play icons” anyway?

Quick sense of scale for testing, I currently have:
78 shows
498 episodes
91 total shows scheduled
24 shows in conflict
27 episodes with “crossed out play icons” (spot count, not exact)
500GB used out of 1.5TB

Now this is interesting, I noticed when spot checking the number of “crossed out play icons” my reoccurring issue of all new episodes (after a trigger event) record with “crossed out play icons”, has reoccurred! That trigger event looks to have happened this afternoon (June 13th) as all episodes recorded after that are with “crossed out play icons”… about 12 of them so far… I’ll go press the reset button to resolve future record failures. 

Now riddle me this @matb33… the episodes this discussion is about are from June 9th (all 3 of them, which present the “player error…” message (and are still available on my unsynched android phone chrome browser) so they can’t be the direct trigger otherwise I would have “crossed out play icons” starting on June 9th…not just starting on the 13th. The other dozen or so are from issues back in April and May… yes, it’s taken me this long to delete these 1by1 just to get down to just a dozen… until today.

@matb33 this leaves one of two probable causes of the trigger event that causes all new episodes to have “crossed out play icons”:
1) accessing the web UI… maybe just when episodes with “player error…” states (but this is my first time seeing these error… so I’m not so sure it matters)
2) maybe I deleted these episodes (or tried to) on the Roku today… I TV binged so I can’t be certain… as this channel doesn’t always come in clearly on poor weather days, so I don’t watch 'em (just delete them) if pixelated… but maybe the Roku didn’t show them… as it doesn’t anymore. Confusing. 

Now the Roku can’t be the sole cause as I’ve had this issue reoccur over months now, before I owned the Roku… but taking a break from the web UI and coming back to it to find this reoccurring issue return the same day is highly suspicious. I blame @matb33 now… curses upon you!

I’ve been eliminating Tablo functionality after each “crossed out play icon” event; no more “Tablo connect”, no more watching “live tv”, no more “channel scans”, and now… no more android phone access… which just sucks… almost as much as “crossed out play icons”!

So I did a dumb thing and held down the Tablo reset button for 10 seconds or so and ended up resetting the device, which (eventually) reformatted the drive as well… wiping out all my past shows. (sigh, that was too easy to do.)

Anyway, I’ve now got:
21 shows recorded
27 episodes
80 shows scheduled
25 shows in conflict
0 episodes with "crossed out play icons"
200GB used of 1.5TB

I’m going to stop using my phone until an Android phone app is available and we’ll see how stable things get for me. Sorry to go from kudos to curses on ya @matb33 but that seems to be the Tablo experience right now. A kudo curse. The demand for stability around such a basic service (TV) leads to very high expectations.

@Thumbs, kudos curses work for me :wink:

Sorry you’re having to deal with this. But know that it’s on my radar and if it’s within my realm, I will fix it.

It’s interesting that you are able to pinpoint issues at dates you’ve used the webapp. It’s not supposed to be possible for me to screw up your recordings – only the Tablo can do that, not the clients. However if you’re getting issues (that aren’t sync issues) coincidentally at the same time you use the webapp, perhaps that’s a clue… I’ll keep trying to reproduce your issue, but I haven’t been able to yet.

If you get a borked database again, it would be great to get an export of it so we can toy with it in our dev environment. Let @TabloSupport know if/when the time comes.

@TabloSupport @matb33 Curses! 5 days after a factory reset and I have another “borked” database… All recordings after today (June 20) have failed with a “crossed out play icon”.

The details: A recording completed from 2:30-3:30am (plays fine) and another from 2:30-3am failed… (Now this is odd… ) another recorded at 4-4:30am (plays fine)… then every recording since has failed.

Presently I have:
45 Shows recorded
162 Episodes
86 Shows scheduled
32 Shows in conflict
18 Episodes with" crossed out play icons "
181GB Used of 1.5TB

So I got 117 error free recordings since a factory reset on June 15th. Lame. I’ll email TabloSupport my Tablo Mac address and this forum thread title.
It’s in your hands now @TabloSupport… I got nothing.