Player Error - Live TV

My Tablo has been working great until about a week or two ago. Now, I VERY frequently get “Player Error” when I try to watch Live TV using my Amazone Fire TV Sticks.

I can try hitting play multiple times, getting the error each time. If I go into settings, or try recording something and then go back to live TV it tends to work. Once it starts working LIVE TV works fine.

My Tablo Device is 2.2.16

This is really getting to be a pain.

What Fire TV model exactly? As in which generation?

I updated firmware and keep getting several errors and reverted back to factory settings to old firmware…

I have AT&T High speed Fiber Cable Internet and have my Tablo connected via an Ethernet Cable

I use FireTV Box to to connect to TV by using the TABLO app.

I have a WD 4TB external hard drive which has about 3 TBs of free space

With the external hard drive connected, I can’t connect to LiveTV any more. I get:

Player Error - Unable to watchLIVE - no space on disk

If I unplug the hard drive and the Tablo power supply for 3 seconds, I can connect to LIVE TV.

What is going on? All of this started when I updated the firmware and have had tuner problems, buffering,
screen freezes, etc.

Going back to factory settings hasn’t resolved the hard drive issue and was working fine until I updated the firmware around Super Bowl. Any suggestions on the fix? This defeats the purpose of having the Tablo DVR to record shows and now I can’t plug in the hard drive without problems. Do I need a different type of cable for the hard drive (4 tuners) with high speed internet?

I’m still waiting for support to answer questions from last week. No response since their initial suggestion on how to fix.


Try removing all partitions on the usb drive using Windows Disk Manager and then let the Tablo reformat it. Do not create any new partitions in Disk Manager after you delete the existing ones.

That works for me after I restore factory settings on the Tablo.

I am still getting Player Error 90% of the time when I change channels while watching Live TV. The only effective way to avoid this is to exit and restart the Fire TV app. What a complete pain in the butt. Is this ever going to get fixed?