Player Error could not complete request

I just purchased a Tablo Quad with a 1tb hard drive off Ebay. I was told that it was a Tablo refurbish. Everything worked fine for one day. Today the Tablo would display my live TV channels, but when I try to view, I get the message “Player Error could not complete request(503)”. I played around for hours and couldn’t solve the problem. Finally, I took out the hard drive and then everything worked fine, except for recording. So I put the hard drive back in, thinking that taking the hard drive out and reinstalling, would some how solve the problem. No such luck. Do I need a new hard drive? If so does the Tablo format it when I install a new hard drive? Is there some way to format the existing hard drive? There’s no programs on it. Reformatting may fix the old hard drive.

Thank you

If you have the hard drive plugged in when the tablo is powered up it should detect the drive. When connected via chrome you should see the option to format under settings. Also there is a hard drive topic in this forum where people report success or failure on particular drives. Search that for your drive part number.

You bought the 1 TB drive with the Tablo? If yes, I suggest getting a new drive for the Tablo. As well, only Tablo sells the official refurbished units. If you buy from eBay, it is basically buying a used device with no warranty.

I had a spare 250 GB ssd from up grading my PC to a 1 TB ssd. I finally figured out how to format the 250 GB ssd by holding down the blue button. I had to re scan my stations, no big deal. Everything is working fine. I still don’t know what is wrong with the original 1 TB hhd. I am going to try reformatting it and see what happens. If I can get it to work I’ll have a spare. I think the guy that sold me the Tablo Quad bought it as a refurbish from Tablo. He didn’t refurbish it. I am not sure I want to do a cord cut but I thought I would play around with it. My wife is not to keen on the idea so I bought a used one of Ebay to try it out. I have been known to tinker with technology.

Thanks for the reply.