Playback - Resume after fast forwarding

I sent in a support ticket tonight but wanted to throw this out to the board.  As most of you know, we are using Roku 1 for Tablo.  It seems to be working great but tonight when my wife was watching last night’s Dancing with the Stars, the tablo would take 25-30 seconds to resume playing after hitting the fast forward button.  This is much longer than normal.  Any thoughts?  Suggestions?

wifi or wired?  Can’t remember what you said originally…

Tablo is wired to router.  Roku is wireless.

Does the Roku 1 have an ethernet port on it?  If so can you try and recreate the issue while it is wired?  my guess is that you won’t be able to.  wifi on the roku(s) is a bit wonky.  I have yet to have a solid connection with my roku3 eventhough i have a wireless AC Asus router, and max coverage throughout my house… chromecast is perfectly fine but all rokus struggle on wifi.

I am not home this morning but based on roku’s website only the roku3 has an ethernet port.