Playback of recorded shows stalls

I’ve owned the Tablo for about three weeks.

I’ve been recording movies and TV shows at a frequency of about 1 every other day.  I’m using a WD Elements 1TB HDD. 

The following playback issue has happened to me with two recordings:  

Playback stalls between the 11 and 12 minute mark.

I can move the play head to a spot further in the recording and it will start playing at that point, but in these cases the play head jumps back to the beginning and resumes playback from the beginning.

For the two recordings this has happened with, the playback issue is consistent both on the PC/Chrome browser and Roku boxes.  Other recordings have worked as expected with the exception of the two so far.  

@Frank00 It sounds like the recordings are corrupt - I think you’ve determined that they are, if you can reproduce it multiple clients. Is the Elements drive that you’re using USB or externally powered?

The elements drive receives its power over USB.

@Frank00 Hm. It should be fine… Has this happened with any other recordings since?

FWIW, when my DirecTV signal drops out (I haven’t cut the cable yet, but I’m getting there), it may show up as a quick interruption on the tv screen, but when I play it back, the DVR goes batty, sometimes hanging up.

Just a thought.

I am a new customer since Sept. 3rd and having the same issue. I also purchased a new WD Elements 1TB HDD. I have a Roku streaming stick and 2 Chromecasts. Recordings freeze on the Chromecast sticks at a certain point after several minutes of flawless video. The freeze point is not always the same 2 minutes, 5 minutes, etc. Chromecasts are being controlled via the web app from a Samsung Galaxy Note II. On the Roku stick I get repeat loading and the video appears to back up and repeats. A couple of times the video froze on the Roku also. I have tried different rooms to rule out wifi range issues. I rebooted the Tablo 4 tuner. This did not help. I then factory reset the tablo and rescanned for channels. I then recorded new shows. During playback after this I am still having the video freeze issue on the Chromecast. The Roku performed better although I have only played 1/2 hour of video so more testing may be needed.

I have exactly the same problem. When I play a video, it freezes a different random time. I use a chromecast, my hard drive is a wdbacy5000abk. I tested the cast with a nexus 7 2nd Generation, with a chromebook Dell 11, with a galaxy phone 4 and it’s always the same thing, it freezes randomly manner:-(

@BrianL Please feel free to send me a ticket directly so that we can help you through this! Make sure to include your MAC and HDD info - there are quite a few things that go into the Tablo experience (many of which aren't actually the Tablo itself) so try and offer as much as detail on your hardware as you can.

@dupjea Is this the drive that you're using? If so - it may be the source of your issue. Try removing the drive and playing Live TV - can you reproduce the buffering?

I also have this problem on chromecast.  Playback freezes randomly and I need to click to a different point in the video to get it to restart.  I have a brand new 1TB WD elements hard drive, which is one of the recommended ones.  I have a 1 gig dual band router.  Generally I sometimes have some trouble with 2.4 Ghz interference in my neighborhood, since I live in the city.  Playback works flawlessly when I replay on my wired smart TV, but when I use the chromecast, which is wireless and uses the 2.4 GHz spectrum, the random freezing comes back.  Perhaps the Tablo doesn’t buffer very well in an environment where there is a lot of wireless noise, so the reaction is to freeze?

Hello @BrianL, i just buy the Seagate Backup plus slim 2TB as you recommend and i still have the same probblem. ;-( another 120$.

@dupjea Just received your ticket - I've sent you a response with a few suggestions.

It's important to note that (for you too, @aaronjohns) we intend to push out a release within a few days - maybe a week. This will contain both fixes for the Android player issues, and a new video playback setting for the Chromecast (and Roku), and we're confident that it will help mitigate issues like this.

Glad to here working on issue. I have the same issue from time to time. It got really bad on Sunday I finally unplugged my Roku and it got better. However was back later in week just not as bad. 


It doesn't happen with every recording; only with a couple out of about 50 recordings.  I do have quite a few recordings to watch now, so I'll post if I have any more issues with the playback stalling after the update is rolled out.

I'm also having an issue with recorded playback by which the player will play at double speed while I'm watching.  This happened while I was watching a football game.  The playback was inconsistent.  I could rewind and it would run ok for a while and then it would just fast forward on me.  I would back it up a little and it would play what just played at double speed at normal speed and then go to double speed after a few seconds.  It definitely seems to be an issue with playback.  This has happen only one time so far.

I’ve seen the problem described when the channels wasn’t coming in well… but maybe it’s something else (?)

I have this problem with the Tablo dual hdmi. Randomly playback stops and starts from the beginning. I can resume the viewing afterwards. Purchased a new 1tb ssd and same issue. Any ideas?

Do you have the same issue on all channels and recordings? Send our support team the details and we can work with you to get things running smoothly.

Seems to be random. Actually just happened and noticed its right before a commercial, though I have commercial skip detection disabled. Will send ticket thanks

I had bought a 1tb ssd and had these errors often both watching live and with recorded shows. I switched to an older non ssd drive and the issue seems fixed for now

What external SSD were you using?

Crucial X6 1TB Portable SSD – Up to 540MB/s – USB 3.2 – External Solid State Drive, USB-C - CT1000X6SSD9