Playback in slo motion

for some reason my tablo has started doing playback in loke slo motion, this mainly happens after I fast forward then hit play. To correct the issue I have to exit the program and restart it. Ideas?

Never seen that happen, mate. What are you using for playback? I mainly use a Roku3 for playback.

I am running the tablo app in a fire tv, both a fire tv 1 and a 2, which makes me think it is more the tablo itself

Have you tried rebooting (aka power cycling) the Fire TV device itself? I have had the device do weird things and then a reboot fixes it.

I would like to have slow motion as a feature.


It is not the fire tv as it does it with both of my fire tv units and yes ihave rebooted my tablo, added a cooler unit and also emptied out the external hard drive

@Cavi That’s pretty odd… Any chance you can take a video of this happening and send it to our support team? If not, we can still check out your Tablo’s logs. Just send us a ticket :slight_smile:

tonight I will film it when it happens and forward you a link to the video. FYI, I did make a ticket and did not get an answer which is why I posted here also

@Cavi I believe we sent a note back very recently! Sorry for the wait, we were just catching up!

how do I view the responses to the tickets I made?
this is a link to a video of the issue. I was watching normally and went to fast forward past a commercial, this is what happened when I hit play. This time I was able to rewind and it started back normally but most times I have to exit the program and restart it

I still have not heard back on this issue…

@Cavi Hey there, sorry for the wait. We responded to your ticket on Oct. 31 - but haven’t heard back on the details. When you get a chance, can you respond to our team? We’d be happy to work with you directly to get this working.

how do I respond to the ticket? I do not recall seeing any email, so how do I do it?

I found the email and responded