Playback features differ from episode to episode

Some episodes provide a visual “que” when using fast forward or rewind. Other don’t. Is this common or usual? Thanks

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Are you talking about recorded episodes? The thumbnails aren’t created until a program is no longer recording and a tuner is available to process the recording. See here for more details…


Thank you! I’ll see if it will retry after reset or pwr cycle.

Sometimes they just don’t show up even is signal and everything else is good.

The roku client with roku os 12 will eat them.

what do you mean?

Used to be very common, now I’m not getting the thumbnails either.

with roku os 12, newer more powerful roku models like the ultra will display the thumbnails. older and less powerful models will display little to no thumbnails. recordings with CS will typically display nothing on older models.

Of course the spinning wheel of death that got much worse with roku os 11 seems to be fixed,

Zippy, reminds me of my old college mascot. Anyway, thanks for the info. I have an older Roku but it does have OS 12. In the beginning the thumbnails displayed pretty good, got worse and worse until recently and now barely shows any. Now some channels barely can see the thumbnails but I can see the box. Then I have some channels now where all I have is a line with no thumbnails. Maybe it’s time for a newer Roku.

older roku’s use a different roku os 12 version then the newer models. There has been at least 2 OS updates to these versions that were changes to the video player. Neither of the ones I received changed the actual version number but the description that flashed across the screen said updating video player.

The original OS 12 video player showed some thumbnails but with each update I got fewer thumbnails. Now I rarely see any.

Well I bought a new Roku and problem solved. Guess the older chipset just couldn’t keep up.