Playback failed, Tablo overheats

Playback failed, retry or cancel.

All of my over-the-air channels were giving the playback failed error. I finally tried unplugging my unit and letting it cool down and that did the trick.

I guess I’ll have to invest in a small fan to keep the unit cool. Tablo should consider making Gen 5 with a built-in fan. Shame the company cannot figure this out before sending it out in the market @TabloTV @TabloEngineering @TabloSupport I guess it was a lack of testing.

Put some tall feet on bottom to allow more air flow.

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Not buying it’s a heat issue…. Unless it’s sitting inside a scorching entertainment center.

My Tablo is in my network rack with servers and switches. My home office stays warm year round.

No issues recording.

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… maybe it just needed a reboot from something gone awry? Even if it was to the point of being unplugged instead.

Tablo has stated that these devices are made to run hot, and you can always take the suggestion from @02ebz06 – give it a little more air underneath instead of blowing dust particles into the puck.

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Hate to repeat it again, but I found turning the Tablo upside down solved it’s heat issues here. It was hot on the bottom where the vents were (who knew), but once I turned it over it was much cooler. Still warm, but not hot.

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I didn’t think about turning it over. Good idea. I went ahead and purchased this cheap laptop fan to set the unit on. It comes Saturday. I hope it works and is not too noisy.

Once again, I think Tablo needs to build-in a small laptop fan into the next generation of Tablo.

As far as “Tablo has stated that these devices are made to run hot”, that is to a point.
Depends on there definition of :hot:.
Never heard any one else make that claim.

Commercial electronic components can typically run at temps up to 158F (70C).
However, continually staying at that high a temp will stress the component and eventually it will likely fail.

Now, I don’t have a Gen 4, so don’t know if this is true, but from pictures, it seems strange that there are no vents in the top to let the heat escape.
With no way for the hot air to exit, they will be very warm.

Let me go on etsy and find me some fans for my iPhones, Roku Players, Smart TVs, my PC monitors.

Let me put one my toaster… Just cuz heat may cause it to not toast my buns perfectly every time.

Come on guys, stop playin! My Tablo is in my warm office, in between servers, switches, NVRs. Never had an issue heat be an issue. Or impact recordings.

Will it not last 10 years? or if it dies in 5, has it made my $99 back?

yall be chasing red herrings bro!

UNLESS you have it in a super HOT entertainment center. I have a fairly large switch in mine and that mug is toasty! But my Roku player is sitting right next to it. Its chugging along.


IDK what kind of passive cooling method is has – maybe the warm feeling on the top of it is that dissipation?

@KimchiGUN – always the amusing smart-a**, but quite to the point. Even large-screen LED/OLED TVs get pretty warm and we don’t blow fans on them!


If you really wanted to know what the gen 4 passive heat sink looked like you would google up the internal pictures of the unit.

The point I was making was high heat reduces the life span, that’s all, not trying to start an argument.


I’ll bet the heat sink is on the bottom of the unit. And the heat is expected to rise and exit via the top vents. But if you set the unit on a surface that retains heat guess what. It’s pretty easy to find any kind of material that raises the unit 1 inch off the underlying surface.

@KimchiGUN I’m sure you don’t have any problems with your unit cuz you know everything. Give the rest of us a break if you can’t add any valuable solutions.

@TabloSupport are the ones that should be HELPING and clarifying their product’s issues. Your dribble is not helpful to anyone and no one wants to hear it.

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I would just direct you to the official Tablo response on Tablo units running “hot”…

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Ok… you got me!

I know it all…

but just saying a lot of people here or not posting don’t have heat issues. Tablo has come out and said it’s made to run hot.

I added my value to this thread.

I’m the voice of reason saying how come you’re having this problem and I’m not? What I am doing right or what are you doing wrong?

I know I’m not doing anything to help the heat on my Tablo. Not one thing… I also have a 3.5 drive out in the open with a usb adapter sitting right next to it. That mug is hot!

It’s all chugging along.

That’s it.

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