Playback failed - No storage is available or accessible

Hi: I was getting an error stating Recording failed because no storage was available. I could still playback previously recorded shows. I decided to delete some shows and was still getting the message. I turned off my Tablo and turned it on. still same error. I then unplugged external harddrive. No change. Now when I go to watch previously recorded show, I click on one of them and then click watch I get the playback error. I unplugged the harddrive, plugged my phone into the USB socket and it started charging my phone. I plugged the harddrive into my laptop. Harddrive clicked, I heard the harddrive spin but my laptop did not recognize the harddrive. I have a Tablo (I believe it is a Quad. It’s black and kind of rectangle with round corners. When you go to settings it says under Storage “No storage available”. Tablo Serial Number is GI-Q0315080. Tablo Firmware is 2.2.42. Harddrive is a WD. Thanks

The Tablo uses a different format, so it will not show up as a drive on most computers. For Windows, you can go to Disk Management to see if it at least recognizes the physical drive as a drive.

If it doesn’t show up as a Disk with unknown formatting, then it may have failed.

If it does show up, the Tablo formatting could be corrupted. Not sure if the Tablo has some form of drive checker. Worst case, you can try formatting in Windows, then move back to the Tablo, which should offer to reformat

Once you unplug your external drive and reboot you lose all access to your recordings. You’ll have to reformat your drive to get the Tablo to use it again. This might involve you formatting on a computer first since it was already set up once.

It’s hard to say if this is the case since we don’t know each individual step in the order that you performed them. But generally, once the drive is removed and the Tablo “know s it,” you’re now defaulting to internal.

Did you have recordings on the internal drive before you added the external?

On a side note… As @andyross stated, your external drive is unreadable on must computers. Being in NTFS format you’re limited as to where you can actually view those files. You CAN merge these files in Linux, but that’s a story for another day.

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So basically you have no idea what went wrong. All I can say is I deleted a bunch of recordings to make room. I’ve done a few before with no problems but I don’t think I got back all of my space back.

So here is the order.
Day 1 I noticed all of my recent recordings for the previous day said it was out of space. So I went thru and saw some duplicate recordings. I viewed them and then deleted the duplicates.
Day 2. It recorded shows and I watched severall sgows.
Day 4. All recent recordings out of space error. So I started deleting shows, starting with unsuccessful recordings and then to shows I hardly ever watch.
Day 5. Same message, out of space. So I unplugged the Tablo. Tried to record. Same error. Tried unplugging hard drive. Trued the reset. Nothing. Now it acts like I don’t have a harddrive connected. Really weird. The shows are displaying on the menu but now I can’t even watch the shows I previously recorded.

I’m not very impressed with Tablo. Not going to recommend to anyone.

You want to ensure that the disk isn’t bad. That what diagnostics are for.