Playback error, tuner has been reassigned or lost connection with tablo

Hi, just got my Tablo today and everything works but only let’s me watch channel for like 2 minutes before playback error, port has been reassigned or lost connection with tablo. Any ideas how to fix this?

Do you have a hard drive attached? That sounds like a no hard drive issue.

No my hard drive hasn’t arrived yet. I was under the impression I could still watch the channels just couldn’t record. I ordered the hard drive tablo recommends, so once it arrives should the playback issue go away?

Hey mate, without a hard drive, you can only watch one channel at a time. If someone else tunes to a different channel, the first one is pre-empted.

I don’t think I have ever seen this message. What are you using with the Tablo? I use the Roku and the iPad app, and the chrome only very rarely.

I’m using fire tv box. I can’t even watch one channel without it giving playback error. My hard drive should be arriving Wednesday so I’ll see if that fixes it. I’ve read that I may have to assign a specific port for tablo. Haven’t a clue how to do that

When the Tablo first came out, you could watch a single channel without a hard drive. But sometime recently it has changed where even a single channel will only last a few minutes.

You should be just fine when you get the hard drive.

Assigning a port just means reserving a DHCP address for the Tablo so that it’s IP address never changes. You don’t have to do it, but it helps if you use the Tablo Connect feature to access your Tablo remotely. If you need help, just list your router make and model here, and someone can help.

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Thanks a lot!!! I was really bummed yesterday when I was reading about it, as a lot of posts said you should be able to watch without drive. I feel much better now, can’t wait for my drive to come in

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