Playback Error: Response code: 404

I’m using a fire Tv (not the fire tv stick). I’m remote to the actual unit but I did sync my Fire Tv with my Tablo and it IS enabled. I can watch most recordings and a little live TV but I’m having two problems.

  1. While watching Live Tv, I get the above code. I’m in Nebraska and my Tablo is back with my wife in New Mexico. We are in the process if moving and I went ahead to start the new job and she is staying back so the kids can finish school. She is having the same problem at home on the same network with the Tablo as I’m having from afar.
  2. Recordings sometimes go into the death loop I’ve been reading about. It’ll play a few minutes of a show heavily unrelated at times with stops, video freezes, and moments of clarity until it just goes back to the beginning and starts over.

We’ve unplugged the Tablo and plugged it back in… I haven’t hit the reset button yet though.