Playback Error on Tablo

Just purchased my Tablo yesterday and it sucks. I keep getting the Playback Error message after watching live tv channels for 1-2 minutes. I have a Samsung hard drive connected with an ethernet connection from my router to the Tablo. Also, I have the Mohu Sky60 HD antenna where I get over 30 channels all in HD (green). What should I do before I send it back to the store?

That problem is usually caused when the Tablo doesn’t recognize a hard drive being attached. Which Samsung drive are you using, and when you are in settings, does it show your drive?

@Junior_Jones If you’re still having this problem, give our support team a shout. We should be able to identify the problem quickly.

I have a Samsung Smartdisk Firelite 120GB…It’s pretty old…I was using it to get by until my WD 1TB External Hard Drive came today. Do you think I could get by with a 1TB or should I purchase a 2TB?

I’m still having the problem

I have a 4 TB drive, and I have used under 2 TB (2 years of shows), though I could stay under 1 TB if I cleaned up my recordings more. I just like having enough to not worry about it.

Did you have to assign a port for your Tablo on your router?

Assigning ports is used only for Tablo Connect, the remote streaming feature of the Tablo. You don’t have to use that, but it is great if you want to use the Tablo on your phone, tablet, or computer on the go (and some streaming boxes).

It is recommended to make a DHCP reservation of an IP address for your Tablo, otherwise the IP address will likely change (which is bad for Tablo Connect). That is done on the router as well.

Is that the same as a reserved IPaddress.

No it is not.

DHCP Reservation is a function on your router you setup so the same IP address gets assigned to your Tablo. An IP address is something along the lines of as an example.

Port forwarding for the Tablo is where you forward a Public port to a different Private port. So your port forwarding will be to the IP addresss such as

ok…when I selected Remote Access on my Tablo, it said my router requires manual configuration…It also states "use its Setup Assistant to set up port mappings for the Tablo’s TCP ports. The Tablo’s Private IP Address is…I don’t know what this means.

  1. What is the make and model of your router? We can help by telling you how to setup port forwardingz
  2. Why are you interested in setting up Tablo Connect (aka remote viewing) if you’re having playback issues on your local network? Or have those resolved?

I have the Motorola Surfboard SBG6580…I thought it would help Tablo troubleshoot the problems I’m having…The problem hasn’t been resolved.

You can put your Tablo in heartbeat mode which allows them to remote in and check your logs. Tablo Support will instruct you how to put your Tablo in heartbeat mode.

From my understanding, Tablo Connect for remote viewing does not need to be enabled for this to work. This is only if you want to connect to your Tablo from outside of your house.

Thanks. Do you have a solution or opinion on why my Tablo stops playing after1-2minutes.

Now with regards to your first post/issue, if you disconnect the current old HDD you have connected to your Tablo, then reboot it (either by tapping the blue button on the back of the Tablo or by unplugging the power cord), and then try to watch Live TV again, what happens?

You can watch Live TV on 1 channel at a time without a HDD connected to the Tablo. If the problem disappears, then your issue is caused by your HDD.

Tapping the tiny blue button on the back means pressing it for a second or less, then releasing it. Do not hold it down for long periods of time.

I still have the same issue whether my HDD is connected or not. I’m still getting the Playback Error message.

Not anymore. The Tablo disconnects after 1 to 2 minutes without one… This poster certainly has a hard drive problem.