Playback error in Preview



We are getting a repeatable “Unknown Playback Error” in Tablo Preview. It first happened at the beginning of the show but we could “Try Again” and it continued. It then happened at the end of the show but “Trying Again” several times eventually sent us back to the beginning. This happened at an indicated 53.03 minute mark. It forced me to restart and if I went till 53.03 it repeated the error again. If I FF to 53.13 it played well but I had lost some important dialogue. We had this problem on 2 recordings of “Boston Legal” and my wife noticed the second error also happened at the 53 min mark more or less.

After some colorful language I tried the standard Tablo app and everything went well. No errors and the image seemed better as well. Also, the time stamp of the scenes where the second error occurred was different for the playback on the Tablo app.

What is going on?



What streamer box?


Nvidia Shield box, all hard wired.



Hrm… Sounds like the PREVIEW app was choking on an error in the broadcast that the original app was fine with.

Out of curiosity, what happens when you play those recordings back on other platforms like PC or mobile?