PLAYBACK ERROR! Failure to playback without bombing out

HAS ANYONE ELSE GOT A PROBLEM PLAYING BACK AN ENTIRE RECORDED EPISODE WITHOUT TABLO DROPPING OUT? The tablo screen of death says, "Playback Error with a ! in a circle, followed by "Your tuner has beenn reassigned or your device has temporarily lost connection with your Tablo.
I’ve spent MONTHS on this problem with tech support, no joy. I own a C7000 Netgear cable modem, service with Spectrum, for just over one year. No problems or changes there.
About 3 or so months back, I started having a system error during playback of my OTA recordings, which displays an error message, forcing me to go back and load the program again. If I left-click immediately upon error, there is a grey progress bar at the top, the words “reconnecting…”. Tablo behaves as though I have never watched the program and does not know where I was at in the program, so I have to guess and fast forward/back until I get to the spot. It will always then play THROUGH that location in the recording, only to bomb out again somewhere else. I cannot get through any program off any channel without the playback dying. It never dies during a real-time viewing of a program.
I’ve replaced all patch cords (it has always been hardwired with a 6 foot cat5 cable) with new 10 foot Cat6 cables. I’ve relocated the cable modem which was about 4 feet away from tablo to about 8 feet. I’ve reset the cable modem, tablo, etc. and everything tech support has told me to do, and I STILL have this issue. I had not made ANY hardware changes when this started happening. I can watch Netflix and HBO, etc., without any problems. I also have the Amazon Fire 4k hardwired to the TV and my C7000, and the TV itself has its own hardwire to the C7000. TV is a Samsung LED 4K, about 8 months old.
Really frustrating.

There are a lot of bright people on this form that will be willing to help you, but… you need to list all the details of your setup and any other specific details of the problem. Cheers, J :smiley:

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If it’s not a network issue, it’s probably a hard drive issue. Change the USB cable?

When I got a new hard drive, it came with a new usb cable, so I swapped that as well.
I THINK that the problem has been the Amazon Fire 4K. I dug into my storage bin - 15 or so hard drives, uncountable cables, daughterboards, adapters, just a fraction of the stuff I’ve had since assembling my first PC around 1981. FOUND the previous, original Amazon Fire that I replaced last November with the 4K. SO FAR, no screens of deth. See an example at . When this appears, it is if Tablo had never played the video it died on. You can load it again, play it again, and it will play right past the prior point it died at. And Tablo does not know where that termination point was, so when it happens 4 or 5 times in one 30 minute show, you end up having to fast forward and fast back, and forth, till you get where you were. Hoping it’s been solved, at last. An absence of symptoms from other apps made me suspicious of the one app that was tossing its cookies. :slight_smile: Perhaps HBO, CBS, Netflix, other apps, buffer more milliseconds so if the Fire 4K drops the feed for a microblink, they don’t die. So long as the problem is gone…

There are known issues with the Fire TV 4K dongle…

Thanks for your reply. HBO has also started bombing on me, so I realized I could load the apps onto my Samsung, fuhgeddabout Amazon Fire!, and so far I have not had a single failure from either Tablo or the HBO app. Jeez. what a PITA! but all better now…