Playback Ended: Your tuner has been reassigned to another live TV session or recording

Sometime in the last 3 months my Tablo 4-tuner device has started popping up a message on my AppleTVs (all 4 of them) while watching “Live TV” on a channel that is also recording. At the end of the recording I get the following message “Playback Ended: Your tuner has been reassigned to another live TV session or recording”. I am at most recording 2 channels while watching. Worst case I count 3 tuners in use.

4-tuner Tablo
AppleTV 4

Does anyone know if this is a new message that came with the latest firmware upgrade?

While not fatal it is annoying to have the tuner force me to back out to the guide to start watching the channel again.

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This help any?

I have the same issue as the OP.

  • Tablo Quad v2.2.28
  • Apple TV 4K

I’m recording one show and watching a different show on another channel. So two tuners in use by me (not sure what is being used internally). When the recording ends I receive the Playback Ended screen above. To get back to my watched show, I click Dismiss and then have to change the channel to get back to the watch channel.

The tuner math article did not help since it doesn’t seem to apply to my situation.

This all started after the last update.

OK I got no further theories I typically only use the Live feature after a channel scan. Hopefully someone who uses this feature often can chime in with advice. Or log a call with Tablo support.

Just throwing this out there.

Are you clicking on the Channel # in the Live TV guide or are you clicking on the show’s time slot in the guide?

The actual show’s time slot will kick you out. The channel # on the very left side of screen will tune to the channel for an indefinite amount of time.

I don’t have an AppleTV, so I assume the gui is set up similarly what I have (Firetv & Shield).

Sorry KirkH, I have tried it both ways. I thought the same thing as you. That maybe watching a program that is recording from the guide somehow affected what tuner was being used to watch “live”. I get the same results either way.

The only thing I have not verified is what happens when watching “live” on a channel that is set to record 2 programs back to back. That just happens to be when I am most likely to sit down and want to watch live. I record the evening news local at 6:00pm and then the national at 6:30pm. Most often I am unable to watch live at that time. But when I do sit down to watch the 6:00pm news “live”, I always get the message. Same at 7:00pm when the national news ends.

@vsalupo - Were you able to resolve the above? I have the same error every day!

4-tuner Tablo
AppleTV 4k

No. It still does it. There have been at least 2 updates since this report. No change.

I guess it is time to open a request with @TabloSupport !