Playback during internet outage

Is there a way to play back during an internet outage? It seems like an OTA device would at least let you access content you’ve already downloaded during an outage but I can’t seem to do it.

You can use your Tablo normally on most of the apps during an internet outage. The main limitation is the web app, which must have the internet.

However, if you have a power outage and an internet outage, then it can create circumstances where the devices won’t connect.

Also, with no internet access means you are limited to watching at home (unless you bring the Tablo to whereever you go).

Which app/platform are you using?

Amazon Fire TV requires a bit of menu magic.

I was using Roku on the device in question. Everything worked fine until I hit play. Then I got the “not able to play with these settings” message that led to solutions concerning audio device compatibility. It may have been the commercial skip feature, but I couldn’t figure out how to change that setting when not in playback.