Playback buffering on recorded events very frequently

Since the last 2 updates, I’m encountering very frequent playback buffering on recorded events.  This is a wireless roku connected to a “AC” wireless bridge.  Live tv does not suffer from this problem. Ideas?

Either 720P or 1080P… no other AC traffic in the area and nothing changed in the setup other than the firmware update.

With a hard wired Tablo & giving up on lackluster android web app to chromecast streaming of recorded events I tried my laptop chrome to chromecast streaming and I got dozens of buffering issues. The chormecast is 6 inches from the access point & Netflix and Hulu stream without issue. Seems to be the Tablo has issues streaming to WiFi devices.

Yea…seems like the payload is a little less efficient now.  I tried removing and re-installing the Roku channel (rebooting between removal and re-install).  No other streaming issues on this Roku…have Netflix, HuluPlus.  Stream local large size files to the same bridge…  Wonder why live streaming is ok while recording playback is more problematic.  I assume the resolution differs enough…

Funny thing is I tried my iPad and have no problems.

Seems no different on 720p…  Wired Rokus have the same issue…perhaps not as frequently…but this shows that it’s not a wireless problem.

I’m getting this as well on my roku’s though not consistently. Sometimes a recording plays fine then another time the same recording buffers a lot for no reason at all. Its a gigabit hardwired network with the only traffic at any 1 time is either the tablo or streaming from roku apps.

Same experience here.  I initially set my Tablo to record at 1080, and had no buffering ever on my Roku (I use a wired connection).  Then since the last 2 updates my 1080 recordings started buffering quite badly.  I changed the recording quality to 720 and that helped.  Now buffering only occurs intermittently.  As I understand it Tablo has plans to improve the Roku app, and is currently looking for a developer.  @TabloTV - Any updated news on this?

I have received an email from support stating that nothing was changed for the Roku’s streaming ability according to dev.  I think something was influenced however which is causing our issues…it could be buffering on the HDD, it could be a cacheing  module… networking issue…who knows.  But I think we can all agree that the stability of the stream to a Roku box differs.  they suggested the following: 1. Restart tablo, difference? 2. Reset to default factory, difference?

I have received similar responses in the past.  However, if it was networking issues, HDD buffering, etc. you would expect buffering on all devices that communicate with Tablo, but that isn’t the case.  Using the Chrome web interface - no buffering (720 or 1080 content).  Using the Plex Roku app to view Tablo recordings - no buffering (720 or 1080 content).  Using the Tablo Roku app - buffering (especially with 1080 content).  Again, buffering on the Roku is only intermittent since I changed my recording quality to 720, so disruption when viewing is minimal.

A note about Plex, because the Plex server runs on my home PC you might think that the extra processing power on the PC is what alleviates the buffering problem - this is not the case.  When I was testing this I started playing a Tablo recording via the Plex Roku app, and then I powered off my home PC (the one running the Plex server).  The Tablo recording continued to play just fine on the Plex Roku app.  

I will start trying it out on Plex since I have that set up as well.  I’ll give it a few days and see if I have similar experiences.

@mbellaire This is a reasonable assumption you’re making. Unfortunately, all of these devices handle video processing very differently. The Roku, for example, has a maximum bitrate of 3.8 - which is relatively low in comparison to other devices. 

This doesn’t present a problem for Plex - they essentially send all of their video to an external source with transcodes (compresses) their video even more, which makes things much easier on the Roku (and other devices). This stuff is pretty ‘apples and oranges’ in terms of comparisons, it varies a ton when you go from one device to another. Don’t get me wrong - as I’ve mentioned before, tons of the performance is dependent on your network. That being said, the devices themselves play a massive role in this too.

As you guys are aware, we’re hard at work to bring another Roku developer into the fold and enhance this experience dramatically. We’ve got lots planned for the Roku!

@TabloSupport, thanks so much for your feedback on just about any thread I’ve seen on here.

I have been playing around with it and have found that when playing back recordings through the Plex Channel on Roku I have yet to have a single instance of it buffering even recording at 1080p where I had them pretty frequently with the native Tablo app.

So excited about the future of Tablo and what you have in store for Roku users!

@COglesby21 Glad to hear it :smiley:

I now have tablo connected on a 5ghz channel and am using a roku 2 and it is also connected to a 5ghz channel.  tablo streams perfectly both live and recorded until i start to rewind. 

 if i only rewind once, tablo will usually continue streaming without incident.  if i rewind a couple of times there is the buffering issue and usually it freezes, so then i navigate back one screen and go back to the show to correct the problem.  I don’t have any buffering issues when i fast forward (ie through all the commercials).

the buffering issue happens with both the rewind button and also when you use the left arrow to go back a few seconds.

I have tried using tablo both connected with an ethernet cable and via wi-fi as just mentioned.  i have also tried different channels on both frequencies, but it doesn’t correct the issue.

I have seen this as well…