Play local at remote quality

Since I (and others) have multiple Roku’s, which are different models, it would be nice to have an option to play in remote quality if that selection is checked per playback device (Roku, FireTV, etc). That would let us take advantage of the high quality possible on the Roku 3 and 4, and still be able to view on the Roku LT 2700X,

Interesting idea - but you do realize to play back a recording at lower quality than what it was recorded this would require using one tuner to transcode the video during playback right? Guess that could be fine for people with the quad tuners, but the dual tuners would never be able to use this feature. Tuners are used for recording, watching Live TV, and generation of FF thumbnail preview frames already.

I agree with 86. There are so many complications that can result from letting each internal network client decided on the playback quality. Users are likely going to complain even more that their shows didn’t record because their Roku was using two tuners and they didn’t realize it.

I know people like their old Rokus, but the Roku 4 is just about out. It seems like it would make more sense to upgrade any old Rokus instead of waiting forever for something like this.

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From a selfish perspective of a Roku LT owner I like the thought. I’d think there may have to be a sort of prioritization put into place that doesn’t allow a tuner to be used for remote if a recording is scheduled or happening. Especially with Roku dropping support for some of the older devices, though, agree that this isn’t likely to be a near term priority for Tablo dev.

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Does your Roku LT currently work well with the Tablo? If so, what recording quality are you using?

On my end, LT is working well (excluding Tablo Preview, doesn’t play live TV on that), but I think will be my bottleneck to going to over 720 quality on my other Rokus. I’m being pretty nit-picky here though, and it’s in my man-room, so the only use it gets is when I’m playing a game of darts and watching a game.

I may end up trying out 1080 settings after I get the new 2.2.5 and if no issues, toss out the LT and temporarily move my nearby Roku 2 (new 2015 model) from the bedroom if I’m in the man-room.

While this concept would be nice, it’d either require retranscoding on every playback and/or recording every recording at multiple qualities (which would require multiple tuners).

Either way you look at it, it would get messy. Just not sure how we would accomplish this in a way that would be satisfying for everyone.

I have the quad tune4, and have preordered the Roku 4. When it arrives, the Roku 3 will replace the Roku LT and the Roku 4 goes where the Roku 3 currently is.

I’ve got, and done the same. I considered the new FireTV, but I’m not that happy with my existing ones, (and the new one doesn’t get great reviews and only can do 4K at 30fps). I’m hoping the Roku 4 is THE streamer for Tablo and all other services (Amazon, Hulu, Google Play, HBO Go, Showtime Anytime, etc). Seems to be the only one with all those options.

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Android TV appears to be the best Tablo experience. To bad Google discontinued the NP.

It may be possible to achieve if you create two separate networks in your house.

Going to connecting with cat-6. Need to measure how long of cable I need.

You may not need new wiring. It will depend on the functionality your router provides. You may be able to establish two subnets and assing your devices to each net according to what you want. This may be sufficient to make Tablo think devices OK the other subnet are remote.