Play entire series of recorded shows

I like to watch series recordings that will automagically play the next in the series when one is finished. Can we do this with Tablo gen 4? If not, can the feature be added?


This feature has been requested for many years. With the devs so involved with getting all the new 4th gen apps out there, as well as bug fixes to the current apps, I just don’t see it being implemented, at least not till all the other issues are resolved.

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I see. Thanks for responding. At least I know the developers are aware of it. I’ve only had one box that would do that and the Tablo has replaced it.

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Again… +1 this would be awesome!

but @snowcat is right, the devs got their hands full!

That’s what I need a playback option I have to disable.

Doesn’t have to be a specific option. On the Android/Fire versions it has that overlay of “Recordings” – there’s no reason that instead of listing every grouped item (show/movie), it wouldn’t be able to instead list other episodes in that series.

TBH, the “Recordings” tab/popup is pointless because of how it works RN. You can “Watch Latest Episode” or “See More Recordings” … so it’s a little helpful, but I’d rather just see a list of other recordings that are grouped into the same folder/show as what I’m watching. (BTW, “See More Recordings” will bring you to the same section that going to that show will if you click through it manually in Library>TV Shows>Show_Name.)

If you know what recording you want to watch the firetv app is terrible. It presents less information then roku or the previous legacy firetv app. It does force users to suffer through more useless pretty pictures and less information. I don’t need more crap on the screen.

What makes you say that?

From what I can tell, the Android app has way more information than the Roku app. What does the Roku app have that the Android/Fire doesn’t?

If I have a show which has a number of recorded episodes on roku I can view a vertical list of 9. This list contains the episode number date recorded and brief description. With firetv app I get a horizontal ribbon of 4. half the information.

So lets talk sports recording. With college football you can record many games in one day. these are usually played back to back. So the end of an early game leaks into the start of a subsequent game. The firetv app likes to not only display the games from newest to oldest but also pretty pictures. If you want to watch the older recorded games you have to move newer to older games and through the pretty pictures which often have the ending score of the game you don’t want to view - nice.

If, for a recording, you compare the roku episode detail record to that on the firetv app do tou find anymore information?

This is an annoyance for me as well. I often fall asleep with the TV on and it takes me longer than 30 minutes to go to sleep. I have to go to Amazon or Netflix to put on something that auto-plays the next episode.

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