Play back error on gen 4

All live channels work fine except NBC & CBS. both worked fine then stopped with message ( Play back error ) this was not a recording it was live. when I retry, same message.

For a gen 4 and watching live TV I would say the typical reason might be that the signal quality is low - weak signal. If your reception quality is border line it can drop below reception. Often you can adjust the antenna position just a few degrees and help the problem.

I’ve had that happen once or twice on the CW channel at certain times, usually late in the evening or when the weather is not that good. Figured it was something to do with the signal strength being weak like zippy suggested.

Check the signal quality in settings and if it is all green than you may have a problem with too much amplification if you have the amplifier set to on. If it is not all green and you do not have the amplifier on turn it on.

Thank you! your advise was right on. a little adjustment did the trick.