Placeholder stations appear in tv guide

I have extra stations appearing in my guide that I don’t want. For example, 17.1 appears as IonPlus but Ion stations actually use digital channel 23. If you click on 17.1, it says it doesn’t exist. For other stations, I have doubles of the same channel. For example 20.4 first appears as Stadium tv, then appears again as WQDI. In each of these 9 doubles situations, the first station to appear for a particular number does not work. This is the Cleveland, Ohio area and the guide never used to do this. I have owned a Tablo for years now without seeing this. Rescanning didn’t help. Is this stations rolling out the ATSC 3.0 standard?

Today, I logged into Tablo from another computer. I’m using Chrome on both computers and none of those extra stations show in the guide. Either the problem is fixed or I need to empty the cache on the other computer.

Yeah maybe do a rescan so your Tablo knows all the current channels. Then delete the Tablo from that computer and reconnect to it.

I’d encourage you to clear cache on the PC(s) if you’re still having issues, and if that doesn’t do the trick, run a new channel scan from the Tablo Settings screen.

If you still encounter these problems, give our support team a shout and we can take a look.