Pixelization causing skipping of several seconds at a time making it impossible to watch anything

Lately I have been experiencing the above. I ran a test. I watched the show I was recording on another tv with antenna in the same place. The recording did the above while there was ZERO problem with the live show. My wife is getting angry that we spent 150.00 lifetime for this thing. Please advise.

  1. Did you split the OTA antenna signal before the Tablo?
  2. Is your OTA antenna amplified?
  3. The Tablo has a 1x4 splitter in it which causes signal attenuation which can result in poor signal quality to cause pixelation. Just because it plays fine on an HDTV with its tuner is not reason for the Tablo tuner to be able to get the same signal strength.

as to:

  1. different tv and identical antenna (Make and model) no splitting of signal. even switched anntenas around to the tvs to ensure the issue was not the antenna. no difference.
  2. no idea what you mean. I plugged the antennas into table and that was all i did.
  3. I MUST be misunderstanding here because i seem to be reading that just because the signal is fine without the tv, doesn’t mean it will be fine on the tablo? That seems like an anti-tablo effect. Meaning that I should not expect basic quality while using said antenna with a tablo. Please clarify

All channels or one in particular suffer this problem?

What is zip code viewing area? Mine is 10019 NYC.

Zip Code is 67208. Wichita Kansas

All channels

NBC gives me trouble on some equipment including Tablo. LOS under 1-mile from transmitter.

yeah it usually starts a few minutes in. So like i will get really interested in an episode of dateline…be unable to watch it and have to wait for it to come out on you-tube.

What hard drive used?

Seagate Backup Plus 2TB External USB 3.02.0 Portable Hard Drive Black

many on here indicated fine experiences with this model. I read many posts before deciding on this drive

Dunno if coincidence or not but I had trouble with Dateline NBC recently too. Just as you described, few minutes in, jerky, pixelation, unwatchable. Luckily we had it on other things but has made me gun shy of NBC channel.

@Davi75h What @theuser86 was trying to explain is that a 4 tuner Tablo splits the signal 4 times (once for each tuner) so the antenna run straight to your TV with one tuner would get a stronger signal than the antenna to each of the 4 Tablo tuners so your problem could be easily solved with a distribution amplifier.

LOL yeah. I’m just a Dateline addict of late that’s why I used it as an example. It happens with everything.

Thank you for the clarification. So should I buy a booster of some kind? I have a 2 tuner. Any direction is greatly appreciated.

Look on Amazon for a Winegard distribution amplifier. The 200 model. It is adjustable so you do not over amplify. The picture will look washed out if it is over amplified. install it and turn it all the way up then back it down if over amplified. I turned mine up all the way and then had to back it down just a little.

Will do. I may ask for further help in its operation if that’s cool

That’s what we are here for. I was on my phone earlier so it was harder to find the amp I use but on the PC now so here is a link. I see it has come down in price as well.

  1. What is the brand and model of your OTA antenna? It sounds like a non-amplified antenna.
  2. I have of those HDA-200 distribution amplifiers that @roraniel describes but I use it before a splitter. I wouldn’t want to over-amp your signal directly into the Tablo.

I have my amplified OTA antenna installed with the amplifier close to the antenna - say 20 feet of cable then the amp is inside. Then after another 25 feet of cable it is split by a 1x2 splitter - one cable feeds the HDTV and one cable feeds the Tablo. Some channels were pixelated on the Tablo which were fine on the HDTV. I installed that Winegard HDA200 just before the splitter which is close to the HDTV and Tablo. About 6 feet of cable after the splitter to each device. Said channels are no longer pixelated on the Tablo.

@Davi75h If you’re still experiencing this on all (or any, really) of your channels, drop us a note. We can set up a remote session to see what’s going on. We’re happy to help!

I am having the same issue but as soon as I reboot the tablo all is fine for appx. 2 hrs or so then it breaks down with unwatchable jerry pixels from the side, bottom and random locations. I reboot and all is fine again for 2 hours or so. Also I do not adjust the antenna or change any other config. This recently started around the time of the last update. I have a quad tuner. All channel scans are green even during the pixel issue…any help would be appreciated.

I’m currently having the same issue. I have perfect signal strength and every channel is skipping/breaking up every 40-60 seconds. I swapped out the amp on my leaf (had read some people have had that go on them) same problem. For giggles I swapped out to another antenna/amp same problem. I run a scan while its skipping still perfect signal strength. This is the only issue I’ve had in the almost two months I’ve had my Tablo and it’s slowly getting worse.