Pixelation via Tablo - fine direct to TV

Equipment - antenna, preamplifier installed inside attic:

Antennacraft HBU33 antenna
ChannelMaster Outdoor Balun CM94444
ChannelMaster Amplify CM-7777HD Preamplifier
Tablo 4-tuner (Original version; purchased Nov 2015)
I am 10.5 miles from transmitter (as the crow flies). Its about 400ft higher elevation than me.
I had a local antenna company position antenna with a meter to point toward transmitter location.

Channel WKYC in Cleveland is pixelated - happens every minute or more. I can watch the channel fine when antenna coax connected directly to my Panasonic TC-P50G10 TV. Its annoying because this is local NBC affiliate I watch a few programs on there.

This channel recently moved in August due to some FCC re-assignment. I’m not having issues with any other channels on Tablo, mostly curious why its fine when I bypass the Tablo.

I tried watching live TV on Tablo with USB HDD disconnected as a troubleshooting step - still pixelated.

My Panasonic TC-P50G10 TV has a signal strength meter - it reports a consistent 86% signal strength. The tablo reports five green dots.

Any ideas? Thanks!

With the repack, obviously you’ve recently done a rescan, and clicked [add to guide].
Not that it really helps, you not alone, here’s someone with an original style tablo… been working for several years - now suddenly has issues with a channel