Pixelation on live TV

I just bought a Tablo 4 tuner DVR and am having issues with pixelation. I’ve attached a screenshot to show the issue. I have a Clearstream antenna and added a booster but no luck so far. The same antenna in the same location plugged directly into my TV works without issue. I turned off the feature for quick live TV so it buffers for a bit now but that didn’t help either. Does anyone have any suggestions as I’m about to give up and put it on eBay.

Channel signals are also showing as strong so not sure what the deal is.

Others with more experience may chime in, but It is not surprising that there is no pixilation when you run straight to the tv and there is pixilation with the Tablo. My understanding is that the signal is split 4 ways on the 4-tuner Tablo so there is some degradition of signal. Some have had good experiences using a distribution amplifier to offset the degradation.


Correct your signal strength is just on the cliff for OTA TV on the HDTV. When you split the signal 4 ways it results in degradation and thus pixelation on the Tablo. This is not uncommon for users, it’s generally an easy fix.

How long is the cable run from the antenna to the Tablo? Is it RG6 or RG59 cable? A long cable run can degrade the signal as well.

As pointed out below, you can also try adjusting the antenna to ensure perfect pointing. Every db helps, especially when you’re splitting it 4 ways.


Try moving the antenna around a bit if you can. Make sure it is pointed in the optimal direction using www.tvfool.com or www.antennaweb.org for the location of your broadcast towers.