Pixelation on live, but not recorded event

I was recording the Philadelphia Eagles that were on Fox 29.1 station out of Philadelphia, but decided still watch it live as it was on around halftime. It started pixelating so bad it was unwatchable to where I had to eventually shut the channel off so after I knew the game was over I went onto the Tablo box, and it was about to delete the recording of the football game, but I played it , I fast forwarded the video up to where it started pixelating when I was watching it and never pixelated on the recording. The football game recorded perfectly fine, so why would it pixelated extremely bad when I was watching it live but the recording was fine ! is one of the tuners Having an issue?

It’s possible that the Tablo was recording the game fine, but it was struggling to send it over the network to your device when you were watching live. Once it reprocessed the stream for the thumbnails, it wasn’t an issue anymore.

I’ve had that happen once or twice also but I noticed that if I went out of Tablo app and cleared data and cache and restarted my FireTV, I was able to watch again live without pixelated. I’ve noticed it happened more on my gen 1 firestick which doesn’t have a lot of memory available.