Pixelation/Freezing Issue - Removing HD Solves?

My 2-tuner Tablo has been working relatively well since purchasing in 2014. Lately recordings have exhibited pixelation/freezing/loading messages to the point they are unwatchable.

My first impulse was that it was a reception issue, maybe caused by the coming of the colder weather. I removed all splitters and went straight from the antenna to the Tablo - same issue.

Next I thought of the HD, maybe it was flaking out (tried both USB ports on the Tablo btw). So I watched live TV with the HD attached and the pixelation/freezing was there. I then disconnected the HD - watching live TV works perfectly - no pixelation/freezing!

So there is either an issue inside the Tablo or with the HD itself. I will try a different USB cable with the original HD and then a new USB cable and new HD tomorrow. Have any of you had issues with a HD creating interference with the antenna feed?

Sounds like an issue with the USB cable or the hard drive. Keep in mind it’s used for live TV as well as recordings, so you can pause and rewind. If it’s not attached and your video issues disappeared with the HD unplugged, that’s the likely issue.

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Thanks for pointing that out @lkahhan!

For any reading this thread it turned out to be the hard drive, worked reasonably well if the Tablo was only doing 1 thing, but as soon as the HD was called on to do more (like record a channel and play back a recording at the same time) the freezing/pixelation/loading messages would begin.

When this problem began it looked and acted exactly like a reception/antenna problem. If you’re having a pixelation problem test the Tablo without a HD attached first.