Pixelation despite 5 greens....ANGRY

I am having trouble with my Tablo. I am about to return it.

I have tried three different antennae. One Yagi, one simple indoor, and one Mohu Leaf 50 Amplified (both in amplified and non-amplified mode). I get a number of channels with 5 greens, but at least two of the channels keep pixelating, and providing that OH SO WONDERFUL spinning circle. I have tried each of the antennae in different locations, and rescanned multiple times.

Any suggestions before I return it?

OTA can be variable. Which is why you want a good antenna setup. This can be very frustrating for folks with high levels of obstruction or can’t (for whatever reason) put up an outdoor antenna (preferably high up).

So… in other words, it might not work for you.

Your alternatives are primarily streaming (if you don’t want to go back to “cable”).

The spinning circle could be a network problem, but since you describe pixelation, let’s start by investigating possible OTA reception causes.

Can you please provide some additional information about your installation-

  • what is your zip code (for antenna info)?

  • where are you installing your antenna (e.g. affixed to window glass facing South 6 feet above the floor, or- hanging on interior wall running east-west, etc)?

  • information about your residence (wood or metal studs, exterior material is brick/aluminum siding/etc)

  • are there any trees or other obstructions near your residence between the antenna and the broadcast towers?

  • When you connect the same antenna directly to a TV, what performance to you observe?
    – Any pixelation?
    – Does a channel scan provide similar channel count results?
    – Does your TV’s diagnostics screen provide any signal information about the received channels?

We’ll help you, don’t return it.
If you return it, I’ll have to buy it.
I already have 3, and can’t afford a 4th.
Please keep yours.

I also tried 3 different antennae.
A little ashamed I had to google ‘antenna vs antennae’.

The signal indicator’s a spot check, not continuous.
Tablo requires a strong, clear TV broadcast signal, or you will not be happy.
Tablo requires a stronger, and clearer TV broadcast signal than most TVs do.
Is your antenna connected to only your Tablo, or are you splitting it to also connect to your TV?

Part of your problem might be networking, though.
How is your Tablo connected to your network (network cable, wifi)?
What play device are you using (Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, web browser, …)?
How is your play device connected to your network (network cable, wifi)?

Also try watching live tv without the hard drive attached. Long shot, but possibly a hd issue.

Have you tried watching tv OTA without the Tablo?

At this point, I am pretty sure its multipath. Would an attenuator help?

Here is my TV Fool report http://www.tvfool.com/?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=29&q=id%3D903818c563f7f1

Oddly, the two channels I am having problems on are 5 and 50 (which are co-owned and located at the same location as WLFL and WTVD) are not listed at all. They are RF channels 17 and 15.