Pixelating Problems

Recently, I have started to get regular pixelating artifacts. It happens on all channels. I am using an iPad Air and Apple TV 4 via AirPlay. Netflix and other streaming apps are working 100%.

If I connect the antenna directly to the TV tuner, no problem. I have rescanned all channels on both the TV and Tablo, and all are showing excellent signal strength. I have tried a different wifi network, and the problem is still there.

I have been away for the past 8 weeks, so not sure when the problem started. As well I upgraded to the new Apple TV. So it could be a Tablo software upgrade that cause the issue or a compatibility problem with the new Apple TV. Any other users having this issue?

I got this product so I could record the news each night. It is presently no use to me if I cannot fix this issue.

@George_Shafer - While you were away were there any large storms in your area? I’m wondering if your antenna was moved/damaged somehow and you’re now closer to the edge where digital signals begin to drop off.

If you touch base with support they can log in and see your current antenna strength in a more granular way that the UI: http://bit.ly/1w8BrBw