Pixelating on WJZ (13) Baltimore, MD

I am aware that there was a thread on this issue that closed a couple of years ago, but I am having the problem now and am looking for solutions. I live ~ 17 miles Southwest of Baltimore. I have an outside antenna (ClearStream 2Max) on my roof pointed to pick up mostly Baltimore stations. I have the Tablo 4th Gen 2 tuner model. I use the Fire TV 4K Max Stick. My unit is connected via WIFI and I have Verizon FIos 1GB service. So I get reliably good signals on WMAR(2-1), WRC(4-1), WTTG(5-1), WBAL(11-1), WBFF(45-1) all the time. However WJZ(13-1) pixelates horribly most of the time. Every now and then the signal from WJZ will be clear and solid, but eventually it pixelates and breaks up to the point of losing the signal and I get the message unable to decode the signal. Is anyone else in the area having this issue, and if so any recommendations? I am aware that it was thought that when the repack was completed and WJZ switched too RF 11 the issues would be solved. But at least in my case the issue is not solved and I am looking for a solution since CBS (specifically WJZ) is our favorite news station. Thanks for any recommendations.

Just to confirm, do you have inline amps or the tablo amp enabled? If so, disabled 1 at a time and or all of them and retest. The signal could be coming too hot.


Thanks for your reply. I do have an inline amplifier installed but the Tablo amp is disabled. When I get home this afternoon I will remove the inline amplifier and test the signal.

WJZ is still on the VHF spectrum and therefore may require a specialized antenna. Does yours support VHF frequencies?

Yes my antenna picks up VHF signals. WBAL is VHF and it picks it up fine.

Well, I tried disabling the inline amp. which didn’t correct the pixelating. Then I enabled the Tablo amp. That didn’t correct the problem. Then I disabled both the inline amp and the Tablo Amp. No success. Will keep investigating.

Have you tried doing any channel scans between antenna settings?

Yes channel scans after each antenna settings change.