Pixelated Video on One Channel

I have one of the square Tablo Quads.

I get pixelated video for one station when recording. The picture is fine if I watch the channel (WCWF CW-14) on the TV.

I get pixelated video if I plug my OTA antenna directly in to my Tablo Quad and watch the channel using my ROKU.

I had a technician come out and align my TV antenna and run a new coaxial cable.

I let Tablo support remotely connect to my Tablo and monitor what was going on. They made some adjustments, but the problem is still there.

Do I need to buy a new Tablo Quad?

Is this channel VHF or UHF?

The channel is WCWF, CW 14 and is virtual channel 14.1 (UHF digital channel 15).

I don’t have an answer to your problem.
My initial thought is that you are getting a low or weak signal from this station. That’s usually the case whenever you plug your antenna lead directly into your TV and everything is fine, but when the antenna is plugged into your Tablo, you get a pixelized image.

But then I looked closely at the image you uploaded. Notice that the “COMET” logo is in perfect condition. No pixelization nor distortion.
It’s like the station took a pixelized image, slapped their logo onto it and then broadcasted it out,

If your Tablo was receiving a weak signal, everything would be equally pixelized, not just the image.
It appears to me that your Tablo is playing back just what it received.

In answer to your question “Do I need to buy a new Tablo Quad?”, if everything else on your Tablo is working as it should, my answer to your question is “No”.

When I watch the channel on the TV while it is being recorded, there is no pixelation. All 3 channels, 14-1, 14-2 and 14-3, have pixelation when recorded. I attached a picture of TV Transmitters.

I am using a Yagi Antenna and it is aimed at 256 Degrees, which is centered on the TV Transmitters which are located at 248 Degrees and 262 Degrees. Channel 14-1 is located at 248.

The picture on the TV is fine and I haven’t figured out to attached a small (56MB) video of what happens.

I attached a screenshot from the DTV Reception Maps